Corporate-Exclusive Courses

Almost any of the open nanotechnology courses presented on our website can be customized to meet specific client needs. NSTI can provide, in a closed venue, a continuing education option tailored for specific needs: to complement yesterday’s university training or to satisfy projected application criteria.

Whether a firm chooses to update the expertise of its staff or to upgrade its overall expertise, a self-contained learning environment will ensure corporate privacy.

Corporate-exclusive courses can be held at an international site selected by NSTI or client’s venue. Our open courses are held in USA and Europe, but corporate-exclusive courses are arranged at many global sites.

A corporate-exclusive forum extends the educational advantages

  • Confidentiality Internal issues crucial to your business can be discussed freely.
  • Targeted Learning The course can concentrate on existing knowledge gaps.
  • Corporate Conspectus An often noted spin-off effect is the emergence of a corporate mind-set and with it, consensus on relevant goals and action plans.
  • Dry Run Reduction A firm may send an employee to an open course to assess its benefits. If decision is taken to run the course in a corporate-exclusive forum, the company will be entitled to a reduction of the individual course fee.

To inquire about corporate-exclusive courses, please contact Sarah Wenning, NSTI Education Director: .