About NSTI

The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) advances and integrates nano and other advanced technologies through education, conventions, business publishing, and research services.  NSTI produces the annual Nanotech conference and expo, which attracts more than 5,000 industrial, academic, business and governmental attendees from around the world.  It is the largest gathering of the nanotechnology industry in the U.S.  NSTI was founded in 1997 as a result of the merger between various scientific societies, and is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Danville, California.

Conferences: Nanotech 1998 — Present
NSTI produces the annual Nanotech conference and expo, the most comprehensive international nanotechnology convention in the world. The Nanotech includes 1,000+ technical and business presentations, 200+ early stage company reviews and attracts over 3,000 visitors and 300+ exhibitors.
Education Programs
NSTI offers industrial and academic training by world experts, covering a range of focused advanced technologies and topics. The course offering includes programs in Davos Switzerland, Houston Texas, Japan and Washington D.C.
NSTI publishes over 3,000 pages annually of technical and private client nanotechnology reports annually. NSTI publications are consequently referenced throughout the scientific community resulting in over 475,000 web sessions (6 million hits) per month to the NSTI webpages.
Outreach — Community, Education, Science, Business
NSTI is chartered with the promotion and integration of small technologies through education, technology and business development. Consequently, the NSTI uses its network not only as a private consultancy, but also as an educational and promotional vehicle in the space of Nanotechnology.