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University of Houston Physicist Receives Prestigious O'Donnell Award in Research

By: Jennifer Rocha

Professor Zhifeng Ren is being recognized for his work in five fields, including carbon nanotubes and high temperature superconnectivity. Dr. Ren has been a presenter at several Nanotech-TechConnect World conferences.

According to the release, the O’Donnell Awards were established in 2005 to recognize Texas’ most promising researchers, whose work is judged by professional performance, creativity and resourcefulness. Dr. Ren is being honored for his work in the areas of carbon nanotubes, thermoelectrics, hierarchical zinc oxide nanowires, high temperature superconductivity, and molecule delivery/sensing.

Dr. Ren has been a technical presenter at the annual Nanotech-TechConnect World conference, the largest event in the world for nanotechnology research and business.  Technical abstracts are being accepted through January 15, 2014.  To submit, visit:

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