Nanotech 2014 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2014: Graphene, CNTs, Particles, Films & Composites

Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications Chapter 2

Nano-Silicon and Non-Oxide Ceramics Synthesis via Gas-phase Sodium Reduction Aerosol Reactor
B. Schimmoeller, K. Massey, T. Kodas, G. Smith, Y. Kutsovsky
Cabot Corporation, US

Uniform Melt State Process For The Production Of Nanostructured Materials
M. Redjdal, K. Hadidi, S.K. Sundaram
Amastan LLC, US

Preparation of Photocatalytic Silicon Core-shell Nanoparticles Covered by ZnS Shell in Solid-Gas Reaction
R. Dvorsky, P. Praus, L. Svoboda, D. Matýsek, T. Dropa, J. Trojková, K. Šollová
VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, CZ

Flame Synthesized Nanostructured WO3 Thin Films for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
J-R Ding, K-S Kim
Kangwon Natonal University, KR

A High-throughput Electrospray Nozzle for Nanoparticle Production
H. Fu, R.A. Hoerr, P.J. Ryan
Nanocopoeia, Inc, US

Synthesis and Characterization of Copper (i) Oxide and Zinc Oxide Quantum Dot Materials and the Development of New Fluorescent Fibre Composites
J.H. Johnston, A.J. Zeller
Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Synthesis and characterization of nanoreactors within polymeric nanotemplates
M. McTaggart, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot, M. Jugroot
Royal Military College of Canada, CA

Stabilization of mono- and bimetallic nanoparticles in ionic liquids
W. Darwich, P. Arquillière, I. Helgadottir, P.-H. Haumesser, C.C. Santini
CEA LETI Minatec, FR

Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Film Deposition Using a Simple and Fast Centrifuge Sedimentation Method
J.S. Wang, A.R. Markelonis, C.M. Wai, G.J. Brown
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Novel Syntheses of Silica-Gold Core-Shell Particles
M.J. Cook, J.H. Johnston
Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Synthesis of nanocrystalline cubic ZrO2:Mn2+ phosphors: Structural and luminescent properties
A. Fernández-Osorio, L. Ramos-Olmos, C.F. Julian
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MX

Synthesis of Poly(ST-co-COPSI)particles by soap-free emulsion copolymerization and its optical properties as photonic crystals
H.S. Choo, J.M. Ha, K.C. Lee
Gyeongsang national University, KR

A Study of Particle Size Distribution in NPP process
J.H. Lee, C. Lee, S-K Koh, H. Kaji, M. Haysashi
GL Materials, KR

Water Synthesis of Glutathione- capped Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots and Stabilization by PVP coating at Room Temperature
S.A. Arroyo-Vizcarrondo, J. Beltran-Huarac, G. Morell, O.M. Primera-Pedrozo
Universidad Metropolitana, US

Controlled Synthesis of Monodisperse Magnetic Porous/Hollow Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications
K-S Kim, D.T. Nguyen
Kangwon National University, KR

Drug delivery system based on inorganic layered materials
V.R.R. Cunha, P.A.D. Petersen, H.M. Petrilli, V.R.L. Constantino
University of Sao Paulo, BR

Hydroxylamine-O-sulfonic acid as a New Reducing Agent for the Formation of Nearly Monodisperse Gold Nanoparticles in water: Synthesis Characterisation and Bioconjugation
K. Rahme, J.D. Holmes
Notre Dame University (Louaize), LB

Ambient Temperature Synthesis and Sintering of Conductive Aqueous Copper Inks
T. Druffel, M. Jha, R. Dharmadasa
University of Louisville, US

ZnO nanorods decorated with Au nanoparticles applied as gas sensors
G. Gasparotto, T. Mazon, G. Gasparotto, R.A. Silva, M.A. Zaghete, L.A. Perazolli, J.A. Varela

Funcional lead-free composite
G.F. Teixeira, J.A.M. de Oliveira, M.A. Zaghete, E. Longo, J.A. Varela
Chemistry Institute, UNESP- Araraquara, BR

Green, Cubic Y2O3: Tb3+ Nanospheres: Synthesis and Photoluminescence Property
H. Miao, X.Y. Hu, X. Sun, Z.Z. Wang, Q. Sun, D.K. Zhang, J.T. Bai, X. Hou
Northwest University, CN

Controllable Synthesis of Monodisperse CaF2 microsphere and the investigation on luminous performance of CaF2:Ce3+/Tb3+
X. Sun, X.Y. Hu, J. Fan, S.C. Zhan, Y. Wang, Z.Z. Wang, Q. Sun, Y.Y. Hao
Northwest University, CN

Round Monodisperse Nanodiamonds: Towards Highly Bright, Biologically Inert Probes for Fluorescence Imaging
I. Rehor, J. Slegerova, J. Havlik, J. Stursa, V. Petrakova, S. Turner, G. Van Tendeloo, L. Dai, J. Richter, A. Fiserova, P. Cigler

Toxicity and Pharmacokinetics of uPAR-targeted Human ATF-conjugated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Following Systemic Delivery in Rhesus Monkey
Y. Chen, F. Gao
West China Hospital, Sichuan University, CN

Rapid and Controlled Transition of Magnetic Nano- to Micro-particles: A Useful Feature for Bioseparations
B.J. Nehilla, T.H. Schulte
Nexgenia, Inc, US

Monodisperse Thermo-responsive Composite Microgels with Core-shell Structure based on Au@Ag Bimetallic Nanorod as Core: Fabrication and Application in SERS Substrate
X. Dong, L.S. Zha
Donghua University, CN

A Comparative Study on Sorption of As (V) ions on Hematite, Goethite and Magnetite Nanoparticles
H.I. Adegoke, F.A. Adekola, O.S. Fatoki, B.J. Ximba
University of Ilorin, NG

Development of a Platinum Nanoparticle based Microcombustor Power Device
S. Bakrania
Rowan University, US

CO2 reforming of CH4 by the combination of dielectric barrier discharge plasmas and zeolite catalysts
H.H. Nguyen, K-S Kim
Kangwon National University, KR

Evaluation of the Potential Synergistic Antimicrobial Effects Observed using Various Combinations of Chemical Agents (Nanoparticled and Non-Nanoparticled) on a Selected Panel of Cheese Derived Microorganisms
K.A.M. O’ Callaghan, J.P. Kerry
University College Cork, IE

Microwave Initiated Nucleation for the Synthesis of High Quality Nanocrystalline Quantum Dot Materials
K-J Kim, C-H Chang, P.M. Haben, D.A. Peterson, T.E. Novet, D.M. Schut
Shoei Electronic Materials, Inc., US

Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Palladium Nanostructured Ensemble Supported in Anodized Alumina Membranes for Hydrogen Sensing Applications
H.G. Méndez-Colberg, M.M. Martínez-Iñesta
University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus, US

Influence of applying the additional continuous laser on photoluminescence properties of silicon nanoparticles produced by laser ablation in liquid
D.M. Popovic
Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, RS

Synthesizing and Consolidation of Mechanically-Induced Solid-State Reacted Ti50C50 Nanopowders and Subsequent Consolidations
M. Sherif El-Eskandarany, A. Al-Hazza, E. Shaban, A. Alduweesh, A. Al-Rowayeh
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, KW

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