Nanotech 2013 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2013 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2013: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational (Volume 2)

Energy Storage, Novel Generation & Grid Chapter 10

Infrared Sensor Interference Isolation for Low-Cost Three-Dimensional Anemometers

Authors: J. Hirano, D. Garmire

Affilation: University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States

Pages: 766 - 769

Keywords: anemometer, IR, position sensing

The further integration of wind power generation into our power grids from residential and industrial building installations increases the need to gather high spatial resolution wind data. This results in a need for low-cost three-dimensional anemometers. Infrared (IR) technology is the core behind the development of our low-cost anemometer. The challenge with using IR outdoors is the interference caused by external sources such as the sun. We are determining the effects of external IR interference on our system and researching methods to mitigate these effects.

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