Nanotech 2011 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2011 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2011: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational

Micro & Nano Reliability Chapter 3

Numerical study on effect of random dopant fluctuation on double gate MOSFET based 6-T SRAM performance

Authors: X. Zhang

Affilation: Peking University, China

Pages: 172 - 175

Keywords: nanoscale DG-MOSFET, random dopant fluctuation, reliability

The random dopant fluctuation (RDF) of double gate (DG) MOSFET based 6-T SRAM is investigated with three-dimensional (3-D) statistical simulation. The doping profile is generated by matlab and the threshold voltage variation due to RDF is obtained by device simulation. Then the performance of DG MOSFET based 6-T SRAM is evaluated by feeding the results into a compact DG MOSFET model using HSPICE Monte Carlo simulation. The results show that pull down transistor dominates static noise margin (SNM) fluctuation and access transistor dominates write margin (WM) fluctuation.

ISBN: 978-1-4398-7139-3
Pages: 854
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