Nanotech 2010 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2010 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2010: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational

NanoFab: Manufacture, Instrumentation Chapter 4

Hierarchically Branched Gecko Tapes Imprinted Using Porous Alumina Templates
A.H.Y. Yee, I. Rodríguez, Y.C. Lam
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, SG

PRINT® Nanoparticle Manufacturing Scaleup for Pharmaceutical Applications
D.A. Schorzman
Liquidia Technologies, Inc., US

Characterization of an ultra high aspect ratio electron beam resist for nano-lithography
S. Lewis, D. Jeanmaire, V. Haynes, L. Piccirillo
The University of Manchester, UK

Nanoscale Graphene Lithography Using an Atomic Force Microscope
K. Kumar, E.H. Yang
Stevens Institute of Technology, US

Measurement of Figure of Merit for a Single β-Silicon Carbide Nanowire by the Four-Point Three-ω Method
T.Y. Choi
Univ. of North Texas, US

Preparation of nanopatterned substrates via Dip-pen Nanolithography for stem cell applications
S. Oberhansl, A. Lagunas, E. Martinez, H. Jamil, J. Samitier
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, ES

Photonic Curing of Silver Nanoparticle Based Inks Deposited by M3D
J. West, M. Carter, S. Smith, J. Sears
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US

Silicon Nanostructure Fabrication by Direct FIB Writing and TMAH Wet Chemical Etching
P. Sievilä, N. Chekurov, I. Tittonen
Aalto University, FI

Point-Mass Model for Nano-Patterning Using Dip-Pen Nanolithography (DPN)
S.-W. Kang, D. Banerjee
Texas A&M University, US

Fabrication of Micro Photonic Crystals for Handling of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves
S. Kirihara, D. Sano, T. Niki, N. Ohta, Y. Takinami
Osaka University, JP

Functional lipid nanostructures fabricated by dip-pen nanolithography
S. Lenhert
Florida State University, US

Measurement of DPN-Ink Viscosity using an AFM Cantilever
S. Biswas, M. Hirtz, S. Lenhert, H. Fuchs
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE

The Challenges Facing Open Access Nanofabrication Facilities
R. Hicks
Australian National Fabrication Facility, AU

Intermittent desolvation method to prepare size-controlled BSA nanoparticle
S-Y-R Paik, H.H. Nguyen, S.C. Yang, J. Che, S. Ko
Sejong university, KR

In-situ Growth of Gold Nanoparticles Conductive Layer on Plastic Film as an Integrated Lead Ions Sensor
X. Zhang, C.G. Hu, S.S. Hu
Wuhan University, CN

Alkoxide-based precursors for direct drawing of metal oxide micro- and nanofibres
T. Tätte, M. Hussainov, G. Kelp, R. Rand, J. Gurauskis, A. Lõhmus
University of Tartu, EE

Fabrication of pyramid array nanostructure on gallium nitride
C-C Hsieh, W-C Ke, N-P Chen, W-J Lin, Y-C Cheng, T-C Li, J-C Lin
Yuan Ze University, TW

Fabrication of biodegradable zein films by using soft lithography
B. Altunakar, J.L. Kokini
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

Deposition of Interwoven Fibrous Nanostructure using Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Ambient Condition
A. Tavangar, B. Tan, K. Venkatakrishan
Ryerson University, CA

VDK 4000 Direct Write System: A new approach to direct write technology
M. Theodore, J. Fielding, J. Royer, V. Kalanovic, J. Nirilovic, J. Sears

Development of Nitrogen modified TiO2 and activated carbon fiber composites in single step
C.-Y. Tsai, H.-C. Hsi, K.-S. Fan
National Taipei University of Technology, TW

Development of Precision Stage with Magnified Displacement System
J.G. Kim, S.C. Choi, D.W. Lee
Pusan national University, KR

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