Nanotech 2009 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2009 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2009: Biofuels, Renewable Energy, Coatings, Fluidics and Compact Modeling

Modeling and Simulation of Micro and Nano Systems Chapter 5

Silicon die self-alignment on a wafer: stable and instable modes

Authors: J. Berthier, F. Grossi, L. Di Cioccio

Affilation: Cea-Leti Minatec, France

Pages: 260 - 263

Keywords: die, alignment, modes, yaw, roll, minimal surface

To create advanced Microsystems by 3D integration, die-to-wafer assembly is required to obtain fast and reliable packaging. In order to overcome the main difficulties of current techniques, self-assembly methods are promising due to their serial aspect. The aim of this work is to understand the mechanisms of self alignment. Using “Surface Evolver” software, we were able to study misalignments of the system and their evolutions.

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