Nanotech 2009 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2009 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2009: Fabrication, Particles, Characterization, MEMS, Electronics and Photonics

Nano Electronics and Photonics Chapter 8

Gallium Nitride Nanowire Enhanced High Intensity Discharge Luminance System

Authors: J.T.H. Tsai, Z.-J. Liao

Affilation: Tatung University, Taiwan

Pages: 648 - 651

Keywords: gallium nitride, nanowire, high intensity discharge lamp

We produce an mercury-free, high efficiency HID lamp with the GaN nanostructure enhancer embedded. These dense GaN nanowires embedded into the HID electrodes can reduce 25% of ignition voltage and enhance the 17% of efficiency from our illumination system. Gallium ions will released from GaN nanowires when arc discharge ignition. These results represent a route to use nanomaterials with a conventional product to develop high efficiency lighting system.

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