Nanotech 2007 Vol. 4
Nanotech 2007 Vol. 4
Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 4

Nanofabrication Chapter 3

Growth and Engineering of High Aspect-Ratio AAO Templates Integrated on Silicon Substrates

Authors: S. Choi and M. Daugherty

Affilation: Enable IPC Corporation, United States

Pages: 514 - 515

Keywords: nanowire, silicon, alumina, nanopore, template, CMOS

We have developed a CMOS-compatible process for manufacturing nanowires directly on silicon (or other) substrates. This process removes some of the steps for conventional nanowire manufacture. The result are highly-ordered, high aspect-ratio nanowires for use in a variety of applications (we are concentrating on cathodes for rechargeable lithium ion batteries).

ISBN: 1-4200-6376-6
Pages: 768
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