Nanotech 2007 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2007 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

MEMS/NEMS Chapter 1

Nano-structure or nano-system: opportunities and pitfalls
P. French
Delft University of Technology, NL

MEMS Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications
P.M. Nieva
University of Waterloo, CA

Fabrication of a Real-Time Reactive Ion Etching Resonant Sensor Using a Low Temperature Sacrificial Polymer
B.G. Morris, P.J. Joseph and G.S. May
Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Characterization of An Integrated 3-Axis CMOS-MEMS Accelerometer
H. Qu, D. Fang and H. Xie
Oakland University, US

Piezoresistive effect in DLC Films and Silicon
A. Tibrewala, A. Phataralaoha, E. Peiner, R. Bandorf and S. Büttgenbach
TU Braunschweig, DE

Comparison of Piezoelectric MEMS Mechanical Vibration Energy Scavengers
M. Marzencki, S. Basrour, B. Belgacem, P. Muralt and M. Colin
TIMA Laboratory, FR

Experimental results for a parametrically excited micro-ring resonator
K.M. Harish, B.J. Gallacher, J.S. Burdess and J.A. Neasham
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Gas fingerprinting using Carbon Nanotubes transistors arrays
P. Bondavalli, P. Legagneux and D. Pribat

Manufacturable, Highly Responsive Nanowire Mercury Sensors
S. Keebaugh, W.J. Nam and S.J. Fonash
The Pennsylvania State University, US

A compact, low-power cantilever-based sensor array for chemical detection
A. Loui, T.V. Ratto, T.S. Wilson, E.V. Mukerjee, Z-Y Hu, T.A. Sulchek and B.R. Hart
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US

A Silicon Ultrasonic Imager Probe for Minimally Invasive Diagnosis
J.K. Chen, P. Lin, X. Cheng, J-H Liu, S-Y Chen and P-C Li
Xerox Corp, US

A Model for Blood Cell Transport and Separation in a Magnetophoretic Microsystem
E.P. Furlani
University at Buffalo, US

A down-to-earth case for autonomy in massively plural sensor systems
R.M. Newman, E.I. Gaura and J.P. Brusey
Coventry University, UK

Microfluidics and Microacoustics for Miniature Flow Cytometry
S.K. Ravula, D.W. Branch, J. Sigman, P. Clem, G. Kaduchak and I. Brener
Sandia National Laboratories, US

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