Nanotech 2006 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2006 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Compact Modeling Chapter 7

Development and Design Kit Integration of a Scalable and Statistical High Current Model for Advanced SiGe HBTs

Authors: R.M. Malladi, K.M. Newton and M.S. Schroter

Affilation: IBM Systems and Technology, United States

Pages: 729 - 734

Keywords: SiGe, HBT, Hicum, modeling

In this invited paper, we present the methodology for advanced SiGe HBT modeling and its integration into BiCMOS design kits. We review various model choices and describe, in detail, the extraction of the High Current Model (HiCUM) for 50-200GHz devices. We obtain excellent correlation with data covering DC, S-parameters up to 110 GHz, high-frequency noise and distortion characteristics. Issues related to process statistics and Monte-Carlo simulations will be discussed in the presentation.

ISBN: 0-9767985-8-1
Pages: 913
Hardcopy: $119.95

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