Nanotech 2006 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2006 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Characterization Chapter 8

NanoDAC/fibDAC - Nanodeformation Measurement Techniques for Reliability Analysis of MEMS and NEMS
J. Keller, D. Vogel and B. Michel
Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), DE

Laser Postionization Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry for Analysis on the Nanometer-Scale
I.V. Veryovkin, W.F. Calaway, C.E. Tripa and M.J. Pellin
Argonne National Laboratory, US

An Introduction to Helium Ion Microscopy and its Nanotechnology Applications
J.A. Notte, L. Farkas, R. Hill and B. Ward
ALIS Corporation, US

Lattice Fringe Fingerprinting in Two Dimensions with Database Support
P. Moeck, B. Seipel, R. Bjorge and P. Fraundorf
Portland State University, US

Synthesis silica sphere and core-shell Gd2O3:Eu3+@SiO2 phosphor nanoparticles by sol-gel method
K.M. Lin, C.C. Lin and Y.Y. Li
National Chung Cheng University, TW

The Analysis of Coatings Produced by Accelerated Nanoparticles
A.H. Kean and L. Allers
Mantis Deposition Ltd, UK

A Novel Approach of Sample Preparation for SCM Inspection in the DRAM Device Structures
J.L. Lue, H.W Liu, E. Wu, B. Pai, S. Fan and T. Wang
ProMOS Technologies Inc, TW

Microfabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Suspended Carbon Microstructures
K. Malladi, C. Wang, M.J. Madou, W. Xue and T. Cui
University of California, Irvine, US

Investigation of the Deformation Mechanics in Nanoindenter Deflected Freestanding Submicron Gold Thin Films
L. Wang and B.C. Prorok
Auburn University, US

New reference standards and artifacts for nanoscale property characterization
J.R. Pratt, J.A. Kramar, G. Shaw, R. Gates, P. Rice and J. Moreland
National Institute of Standards and Technology, US

The Relationship Between Nanoscale AFM Adhesive Force Measurements using Calcite Crystals with Macroscale contact angle and Scaling Characteristics
R.D. Boyd, S. Bargir, S. Dunn and B. Jefferson
Cranfield University, UK

Abrasive Wear Studies on Cobalt Electrodeposited Surfaces with Tio2 Dispersions
D. Kalyanaraman

Comparison between Nanoindentation and Scratch Test Hardness (Scratch Hardness) Values of Copper Thin Films on Oxidised Silicon Substrates
S. Chowdhury, D. Beegan and M.T. Laugier
University of Alabama at Birmingham, US

Size-Dependent Elastic Moduli of Nanofilms
I-L Chang and J-C Huang
National Chung Cheng University, TW

Mechanical Properties Measurement of Nanowires Anisotropic Conductive Film by Nanoindentation Technique
Y-Y Hsu, R-J Lin, T-Y Kuo, Y-Y Su, R-H Uang and H-C Cheng
Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW

A New High Precision Procedure for AFM Probe Spring Constant Measurement using a Microfabricated Calibrated Reference Cantilever Array (CRCA)
M.G. Reitsma and R.S. Gates
National Institute of Standards and Technology, US

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Palladium Nanoparticle Reinforced Fluoropolymer Composites
J. Spicer, K. See, Y. Katsumi, D. Zhang, J. Brupbacher and T. Vargo
Johns Hopkins University, US

Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy: Measuring Optical Properties at the Nanometre Scale
V. Keast and M. Bosman
University of Sydney, AU

Evidence of surface defects in ultrathin tetrahedral amorphous carbon films probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
S.S. Roy, R. McCann, P. Papakonstantinou, G.A. Abbas and J.A. McLaughlin
University of Ulster, UK

Investigation of the Piezoresistive Properties of Nano Structured Amorphous Carbon for Force Sensor Applications
H. Lüthje, S. Biehl, R. Bandorf, J.-H. Sick, E. Peiner and A. Tibrewala
Fraunhofer IST, DE

Experimental mechanical stress characterization of MEMS by using of confocal laser scanning microscope with a Raman spectroscopy interface
M. Yamaguchi, S. Ueno, I. Miura and W. Erikawa
Technical Research Institute Japan Society for the promotion of machine industry, JP

Sol-gel synthesis and photoluminescent characteristics of Eu doped Gd2O3 nanophosphors
C.C. Lin, K.M. Lin and Y.Y. Li
National Chung Cheng University, TW

Instability in flatband votlage of SiO2 embedded with silicon nanocrystals
C.Y. Ng, J.I. Wong, M. Yang and T.P. Chen
Nanyang Technological University, SG

The use of PDF analysis to investigate local structure and domains
G. Paglia, E.S. Bozin and S.J.L. Billinge
Michigan State University, US

Testing the validity of small angle and adsorption-based characterization techniques by atomic-scale simulation
R.J.M. Pellenq and B. Coasne
Centre de Recherche en Matière Condensée et Nanosciences, CNRS, FR

Nano-Diamond compressibility at pressures up to 85 GPa
C. Pantea, J. Zhang, J. Qian, Y. Zhao, A. Migliori, E. Grzanka, B. Palosz, Y. Wang, T.W. Zerda, H. Liu, Y. Ding, P.W. Stephens and C.E. Botez
Los Alamos National Laboratory, US

A Novel Ultrasonic Method for Characterizing Suspensions of Nanoparticles
S. Africk and C.K. Colton
Prodyne Corp. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

Morphology effect dependent on the synthesis method of KxIr1-xO2 system
E. Ramírez, E. Chavira, L. Baños, A.B. Soto Guzmán, J. Guzmán and C. Flores
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MX

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