Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 1

Bio Micro Sensors Chapter 8

CNTs-Insulator- Semiconductor System for Chemical and Biological Sensor Applications

Authors: J-H Cheon, Q. Lin, B-D Kong, D.W. Kang, L. Kim, J.S. Suh, Y.J. Park and H.S. Min

Affilation: Seoul National University, Korea

Pages: 464 - 465

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, biological sensor

In this paper, an Electrolyte-CNTs-Insulator-Semiconductor capacitor has been prepared due to compatibility with CMOS technology. To prepare this capacitor, we used the bonding technique to combine the MWNT array.It shows that the surface potential modulation occurs in the semiconductor region at a certain potential so electrolyte can act as a well functional liquid gate.

ISBN: 0-9767985-0-6
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