WCM 2005
WCM 2005
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 Workshop on Compact Modeling

WCM 2003 Invited Papers Chapter 4

USIM Design Considerations

Authors: A. Bell, K. Singhal and H. Gummel

Affilation: Agere Systems, United States

Pages: 295 - 298

Keywords: MOSFET transistors, inversion charge density, bulk charge, saturation voltage, channel voltage

Compact models need to be carefully designed to predict circuit behavior efficiently, accurately and robustly. A variety of effects must work together and be consistently integrated into the model equations with redundancy. USIM is a compact MOSFET model that has complete symmetry and handles all regions of operation seamlessly. A simple implicit relation for inversion charge is used without the need for calculating the surface potential. No limiting for Vds or unification functions for drift and diffusion current are needed. In USIM, the threshold condition is defined to occur when the normalized inversion charge is unity.

ISBN: 0-9767985-3-0
Pages: 412

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