Nanotech 2004 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2004 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Nano Devices and Systems Chapter 4

Single Wall Carbon Nanotube-Based Structural Health Monitoring Sensing Materials
A.N. Watkins, J.L. Ingram, J.D. Jordan, R.A. Wincheski, J.M. Smits and P.A. Williams
NASA Langley Research Center, US

Scanning Probe Lithography on InAs Substrate
L.F. Houlet, H. Yamaguchi and Y. Hirayama
NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation, JP

A New Wet Chemical Approach to the Selective Synthesis of Silver Nanowires
E.A. Hernandez, B. Posada, R. Irizarry and M.E. Castro
The University of Puerto Rico, US

Thermal Noise Response Based Static Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy
A. Gannepalli, A. Sebastian, M.V. Salapaka and J. Cleveland
Iowa State University, US

Metal-Insulator-Metal Ensemble (MIME) Chemical Detectors
R.R. Smardzewski, N.L. Jarvis, A.W. Snow, H. Wohltjen and R.A. Mackay
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, U.S. Army SBCCOM, US

Silicon Nanostructures Patterned on SOI by AFM Lithography
I. Ionica, L. Montès, S. Ferraton, J. Zimmermann, V. Bouchiat and L. Saminadayar
IMEP-INPGrenoble, GF

On the Design of SET Adders
M. Sulieman and V. Beiu
Washington State University, US

In Situ Transformations of Gold Contacts Studied by Moleculad Dynamics Simulations
A.V. Pokropivny, A. Lõhmus, R. Lõhmus, D. Erts, V.V. Pokropivny and H. Olin
University of Latvia, EE

Development of the Nano Aligner for CNT-tip fabrication
G-S Kang, J-S Lee, J-S Choi, Y-K Kwak and S-H Kim

Nano Gripper using Carbon Nanotube
J-S Lee, S-K Kwon, J-S Choi, G-S Kang, Y-K Kwak, S-H Kim

Displacement Detection using Quantum Mechanical Electron Tunneling in Micro and Nano-electro-mechanical Systems
D. Taylor and K. Ekinci
Boston University, US

A Nanoscale Electromechanical Contact Switch for Logic Applications
C.C. Huang and K.L. Ekinci
Boston University, US

Defects and Fault Characterization in Quantum Cellular Automata
M. Baradaran Tahoori, M. Momenzadeh, J. Huang and F. Lombardi
Northeastern University, US

Investigation of Robust Fully-Silicided NMOSFETs for Sub-100 nm ESD Protection Circuits Design
J-W Lee, H. Tang and Y. Li
Natl Nano Device Labs & Natl Chiao Tung Univ, TW

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