Nanotech 2004 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2004 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

MEMS Modeling Chapter 6

Free Surface Flow and Acousto-Elastic Interaction in Piezo Inkjet
H. Wijshoff
Océ Technologies B.V., NL

Contact Force Models, including Electric Contact Deformation, for Electrostatically Actuated, Cantilever-Style, RF MEMS Switches
R.A. Coutu_Jr. and P.E. Kladitis
Air Force Institute of Technology, US

Electromechanical Buckling of a Pre-Stressed Layer Bonded to an Elastic Foundation
S. Abu-Salih and D. Elata
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, IL

Three-Dimensional CFD-Simulation of a Thermal Bubble Jet Printhead
T. Lindemann, D. Sassano, A. Bellone, R. Zengerle and P. Koltay
University of Freiburg, DE

Circuit Modeling and Simulation of Integrated Microfluidic Systems
A.N. Chatterjee and N.R. Aluru
Beckman Institute, US

Extending the Validity of Existing Squeezed-Film Damper Models with Elongations of Surface Dimensions
T. Veijola, A. Pursula and P. Raback
Helsinki University of Technology, FI

Feature Length-Scale Modeling of LPCVD and PECVD MEMS Fabrication Processes
L.C. Musson, P. Ho, S.J. Plimpton and R.C. Schmidt
Sandia National Laboratories, US

Compact Models for Squeeze-Film Damping in the Slip Flow Regime
R. Sattler and G. Wachutka
Technical Univeristy of Münich, DE

Dynamic Simulation of an Electrostatically Actuated Impact Microactuator
X. Zhao, H. Dankowicz, C.K. Reddy and A.H. Nayfeh
Virginia Tech, US

Microplate Modeling under Coupled Structural-Fluidic-Electrostatic Forces
M.I. Younis and A.H. Nayfeh
Virginia Tech, US

A Model for Thermoelastic Damping in Microplates
A.H. Nayfeh and M.I. Younis
Virginia Tech, US

Design and Modeling of a 3D Micromachined Accelerometer
S.H. Ghafari, M.F. Golnaraghi and R. Mansour
University of Waterloo, CA

Effect of Thermophysical Property Variations on Surface Micromachined Polysilicon Beam Flexure Actuators
A. Atre and S. Boedo
Rochester Institute of Technology, US

A New 3D Model of The Electro-Mechanical Response of Piezoelectric Structures
D. Elata, E. Elka and H. Abramovich
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, IL

Analytical Model for the Pull-in Time of Low-Q MEMS Devices
L.A. Rocha, E. Cretu and R.F. Wollfenbuttel
Delft University of Technology, NL

Finite Element Validation of an Inverse Approach to the Design of an Electrostatic Actuator
J. Juillard, M. Cristescu and S. Guessab
SUPELEC, Department of Measurement, FR

mor4ansys: Generating Compact Models Directly From ANSYS Models
E.B. Rudnyi, J. Lienemann, A. Greiner and J.G. Korvink
IMTEK, Albert Ludwig University, DE

Piecewise Perturbation Method (PPM) Simulation of Electrostatically Actuated Beam with Uncertain Stiffness
J. Juillard, H. Baili and E. Colinet
SUPELEC, Department of Measurement, FR

Dynamic Simulations of a Novel RF MEMS Switch
M.I. Younis, E.M. Abdel-Rahman and A.H. Nayfeh
Virginia Tech, US

Using Topology Derived Masks to Facilitate 3D Design
R. Schiek and R. Schmidt
Sandia National Laboratories, US

Modeling, Fabrication and Experiment of a Novel Lateral MEMS IF/RF Filter
M. Motiee, A. Khajepour and R.R. Mansour
University of Waterloo, CA

Characterization of an Electro-thermal Microactuator with Multi-lateral Motion in Plane
C.H. Pan, Y.K. Chen and C.L. Chang
National Chin-Yi Institute of Technology, TW

MEMS Compact Modeling Meets Model Order Reduction: Examples of the Application of Arnoldi Methods to Microsystem Devices
J. Lienemann, D. Billger, E.B. Rudnyi, A. Greiner and J.G. Korvink
IMTEK, Albert Ludwig University, DE

Guidelines of Creating Krylov-subspace Macromodels for Lateral Viscous Damping Effects
P-C Yen and Y-J Yang
National Taiwan University, TW

Computationally Efficient Dynamic Modeling of MEMS
D.O. Popa, J. Critchley, M. Sadowski, K.S. Anderson and G. Skidmore
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

Dynamic Modeling and Input Shaping for MEMS
D.O. Popa, J.T. Wen, H.E. Stephanou, G. Skidmore and M. Ellis
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

Function-Oriented Geometric Design Approach To Surface Micromachined MEMS
F. Gao and Y.S. Hong
University of Toledo, US

New Accurate 3-D Finite Element Technology for Solving Geometrically Complex Coupled-Field Problems
I. Avdeev, M. Gyimesi, M. Lovell and D. Ostergaard
University of Pittsburgh, US

Interdigitated Low-Loss Ohmic RF-MEMS Switches
R. Gaddi, M. Bellei, A. Gnudi, B. Margesin and F. Giacomozzi
ARCES - University of Bologna, IT

Compliant Force Amplifier Mechanisms for Surface Micromachined Resonant Accelerometers
C.B.W. Pedersen and A.A. Seshia
University of Cambridge, UK

Coupling Of Resonant Modes In Micromechanical Vibratory Rate Gyroscopes
A.S. Phani, A.A. Seshia, M. Palaniapan, R.T. Howe and J. Yasaitis
University of Cambridge, UK

Numerical Modeling of a Piezoelectric Micropump
R. Schlipf, K. Haghighi and R. Lange
Purdue University, US

Identification of Anisoelasticity and Nonproportional Damping in MEMS Gyroscopes
A.S. Phani and A.A. Seshia
University of Cambridge, UK

On the Air Damping of Micro-Resonators in the Free-Molecular Region
S. Hutcherson and W. Ye
Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Simulation and Modeling of a Bridge-type Resonant Beam for a Coriolis True Mass Flow Sensor
S. Lee, X. Wang, W. Shin, Z. Xiao, K.K. Chin and K.R. Farmer
Microelectronics Research Center, New Jersey Institute of Technology, US

Computational Prototyping of an RF MEMS Switch using Chatoyant
M. Bails, J.A. Martinez, S.P. Levitan, I. Avdeev, M. Lovell and D.M. Chiarulli
University of Pittsburgh, US

Effective Modelling and Simulation of Over-Heated Actuators
M. Zubert, M. Napieralska, A. Napieralski and J.L. Noullet
Technical University of Lodz, PL

Static and Dynamic Optical Metrology of Micro-Mirror Thermal Deformation
C.R. Forest, P. Reynolds-Brown, O. Blum Spahn, J. Harris, E. Novak, C.C. Wong, S. Mani, F. Peter and D. Adams
Sandia National Laboratories, US

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