Nanotech 2003 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2003 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3

Metallic Nano Structures Chapter 4

Young Modulus Measurement of Nanostructured Palladium Thin Films
A.R. Vaz, M.C. Salvadori, and M. Cattani
Institute of Physics of the University of Sao Paulo, BR

Effect of impurities in the breaking of Gold nanowires
A.J.R. da Silva, F.D. Novaes, E.Z. da Silva and A. Fazzio
Universidade de Sao Paulo, BR

The Electronic Properties and L3 XANES of Au and Nano-Au
Y.M. Yiu, P. Zhang and T.K. Sham
University of Western Ontario, CA

Melting of Ultrathin Copper Nanobridges
J-W Kang and H-J Hwang
Chung-Ang University, KR

Polydisperse Mixture of Gold Nano-Particles
E. Vicuña, O. Viera, J.G. Briano, M. Castro, R. Irizarry, and L. Sola
University of Puerto Rico, US

Atomistic Modeling on Structures of Ultrathin Copper Nanotubes
J.W. Kang and H.J. Hwang
Computational Semiconductor Laboratory, KR

Preparation and Microstructural Characterization of Pt-Pd Bimetallic Catalysts Supported on TiO2.
N. Castillo, L.A. García Serrano, C.A. Flores Sandoval and R. Pérez

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Timescale Effect and Lattice Transformation of Copper Nanorod Under Bending
H.A. Wu, X.X. Wang and G.R. Liu
National University of Singapore, SG

Microstructure Changes Induced by Low-energy High-temperature Nitrogen Ion Implantation on Vanadium-Titanium Alloys
M. Varela, J.A. García, R. Rodríguez and C. Ballesteros
Univ. Carlos III de Madrid,, ES

ISBN: 0-9728422-2-5
Pages: 560