Nanotech 2003 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2003 Vol. 2
Technical Proceedings of the 2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 2

Computational Methods and Numerics Chapter 12

A Novel Grid Adaptation Procedure for Stationary 2D Device Simulation
B. Schmithusen, K. Gartner and W. Fichtner
Integrated Systems Laboratory, ETHZ, CH

Fast Methods for Biomolecule Charge Optimization
J.P. Bardhan, J.H. Lee, S.S. Kuo, M.D. Altman, B. Tidor and J.K. White
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

Nonlinear Dynamical Aspects of Atomic Scale Friction
W.G. Conley, A. Raman, C.M. Krousgrill
Purdue Univerrsity, US

Evolving Molecular Force Field Parameters for Si and Ge
A. Globus, E. Ricks, M. Menon and D. Srivastava
CSC at NASA Ames, US

A Numerical Model of Viscoelastic Flows in Microchannels
D. Trebotich, P. Colella, G. Miller and D. Liepmann
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US

Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics for Nano-Design
R.E. Rudd
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US

Converging Technologies (NBIC)
W.S. Bainbridge
National Science Foundation, US

ABC: A double-conversion compiler/solver for nanoscopic calculus
I.O. Kulik
Bilkent University, TR

Convergence Acceleration Techniques
U.D. Jentschura, S.V. Aksenov, P.J. Mohr, M.A. Savageau and G. Soff
Universität Freiburg, DE

Calculation of Shock Waves and Temperatures of FCC Single Crystals (Nickel) using Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics
O. Kum
Clemson University, US

Proper Orthogonal Modes for Macromodel Generation for Complex MEMS Devices
W.Z. Lin, K.H. Lee and S.P. Lim
Institute of High Performance Computing, SG

A Neural-Network-Based-Method on Speed Control of Ultrasonic Motors
Y.C. Liang, X.H. Shi, H.P. Lee, W.Z. Lin, X. Xu, S.P. Lim and K.H. Lee
Jilin University, CN

A Multiscale Meshfree Method for the Mechanical Analysis of Low Dimensional Nanostructures
D. Qian and W.K. Liu
University of Cincinnati, US

Fast, Accurate Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Surfaces and Membranes
M. Kawata and U. Nagashima
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, JP

System Identification for Motion of Proteins Using an AFM-based Nanorobotic Manipulation
J. Park, D-H. Kim, B.K. Kim and K-I. Lee
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR

A Space-time Coarse-grained Model for Particle Simulations of Soft Matter
C.C. Liew, M. Mikami
Research Institute for Computational Sciences (RICS), AIST, JP

Modeling Nanosized Colloidal Particle Interactions with Brownian Dynamics Using Discrete Element Method
J-F Li, W-H Yu, C-S Chen and W-C J. Wei
National Taiwan University, TW

Study of Misaligned Lateral Combdrive Static Actuators
I. Avdeev, M. Lovell and D. Onipede Jr.
University of Pittsburgh, US

Advanced Modelling Technique for Microscale Heat Transfer Analysis : Application to the flexible printed circuit microconnectors
V. Gatto, Y. Scudeller, O. Lottin
l'Ecole Polytechnique de Nantes., FR

A Fully Coulpled Computational Model of the Silylation Process
W.S. Winters, G.H. Evans, V.C. Prantil and R.S. Larson
Sandia National Laboratories, US

Krylov-Subspace-Based Order Reduction Methods Applied to Generate Compact Thermo-Electric Models for MEMS
T. Bechtold, B. Salimbahrami, E.B. Rudnyi, B. Lohmann and J.G. Korvink
IMTEK, University of Freiburg, DE

ISBN: 0-9728422-1-7
Pages: 600