MSM 99
MSM 99
Technical Proceedings of the 1999 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Computational Materials Chapter 3

Template Recognition of Organosiloxane Stereoregular Macrocycles. Computational and Experimental Modeling of Sol-Gel Systems Formation
T.V. Timofeeva, R.D. Clark, O.I. Shchegolikhina and N.L. Allinger
New Mexico Highlands University, US

New Materials Design.Free-Base Porphyrin and Its Meso-Tetrahalogenated Derivatives
K.A. Nguyen and R. Pachter
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

Multiscale Modeling of Polycrystalline Diamond
O.A. Shenderova, D.W. Brenner, A. Omeltchenko, X. Su, L.H. Yang and A. Nazarov
North Carolina State University, US

Mesoscopic Breathing Sphere Model for Computer Simulation of Laser Ablation and Damage
L.V. Zhigilei and B.J. Garrison
Penn State University, US

Development of Periodical Spatial Distribution of Donor States in Heat-Treated Silicon
P. Selishchev
Kyiv Tarasa Shevchenko University, UA

Computer Molecular Dynamics and Phase Transition in Alkali Azides and Thiocyanates
M.M. Ossowski and J.R. Hardy
University of Nebraska, US

Surface Morphology and Chemically Active Sites on Ru Based Ultracapacitors: Montecarlo Simulation with Embedded Atom Potentials
L. Blum, M.D. Legault, F.R. Zypman
University of Puerto Rico, US

High-Field and High-Temperature Transport in n-Type 3C-SiC
Y. Zhang and Y. Zhang
Xidian University, CN

Modeling of Oxynitride-Si System Based on Reflected Spectra
K.J. Plucinski, F. Lhomme and I.V. Kityk
Military University of Technology, PL

A Robust Algorithm for Predicting Freezeout and Exhaustion Under Equilibrium Conditions
R. Pieper and S. Michael
Naval Postgraduate School, US

Investigation of Interaction Between Subparts in Human Hemoglobin Using Concept of Conjugated Ion-Hydrogen Bonds Systems and Its Application to Biosensors Development Problem
V.V. Luchinin, E.L. Demchenko and V.A. Karasev
St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, RU

Evaluating Adhesion Strength of Biological Molecules to Nanofabricated Structures
R.K. Soong, S.J. Stelick, G.D. Bachand and C.D. Montemangno
Cornell University, US

ISBN: 0-9666135-4-6
Pages: 697