MSM 98
MSM 98
Technical Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Equivalent Circuits, Behavioral and Multilevel Simulation Chapter 6

Simulation of Mixed-Signal Systems in Standard VHDL
H. Grätz and W-J Fischer
Fraunhofer-Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, DE

Network-Type Modeling of Micromachined Sensor Systems
G. Lorenz and R. Neul
Robert Bosch GmbH, DE

Simulation of Electrothermal MOS Circuits Using Saber
C.C. Liu, E.T. Carlen, K.D. Wise and C.H. Mastrangelo
University of Michigan, US

Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Microelectromechanical Devices with a Circuit Simulation Program
T. Veijola, H. Kuisma and J. Lahdenperä
Helsinki University of Technology, FI

Modeling and Simulation of a Stiffness-Controlled Micro-Bridge Resonator
F. Verjus, T. Bourouina, E. Belhaire, N. Mauduit and A. Bosseboeuf

Spice-like Simulation Using Real Devices Instead of their Mathematical Models
V.V. Denisenko
Research Laboratory of Design Automation, RU

Electrical Analogue of Capacitive Force-Balanced Accelerometer Used in HSPICE Simulator
Z. Li, G. Wu and Y.Y. Wang
Peking University, CN

System Level Simulation of a Digital Accelerometer
M. Kraft and C.P. Lewis
Coventry University, UK

Complete Transient Simulations of Electrostatic Actuators
C. Cojocaru, P. Lerch, B. Kloeck, C. Bourgeois and Ph. Renaud

Accurate Lumped-Parameter modeling for Dynamic Simulation of Electrostatic MEMS Actuators
S. Pal Chaudhury, D. Winick and P. Franzon
North Carolina State University, US

ISBN: 0-96661-35-0-3
Pages: 678