Nanotech 2002 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2002 Vol. 1
Technical Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

MEMS Applications and Characterization Chapter 5

Development and Performance of a PVM Based Parallel Geometric Modeler for MEMS
C. Jorgensen, D. Melander, R. Schmidt and S. Plimpton
Sandia National Laboratories, US

Thermal Stability Evaluation of MEMS Microactuator for Hard Disk Drive
M. Jianqiang, C. Shixin, L. Yi, L. Boon Buan
Data Storage Institute, SG

Simulation and Realization of Free Space Optical Switch Architecture Based on MEMS Vertical Mirrors
W.J. Wang and R.M. Lin
Nanyang Technological, SG

Snap-Through Bilayer Microbeam
A. Cabal and D.S. Ross
Eastman Kodak Company, US

Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of a MEMS Variable Capacitor
M. Innocent, P. Wambacq, S. Donnay, H. Tilmans, M. Engels, H. DeMan and W. Sansen

Comparative Studies of Novel Capacitive Transducers with Non-Planar Diaphragms
J. Chen, L. Liu and Z. Li
Tsinghua University, CN

Flow Cell Detection with an Optical Fiber
E. Kim, W. Kim, S-G Lee and S. Park
Kyungpook National University, KR

Design of the Two-Movable Plates Type MEMS Voltage Tunable Capacitor
Y. Kim, S-G Lee and S. Park
Kyungpook National University, KR

Simulation and Measurement of Dielectric Charging in Electrostatically Actuated Capacitive Microwave Switches
J.R. Reid
US Air Force Research Laboratory, AFRL/SNHA, US

Prediction Model of Microlens Fabricated by Modified LIGA Process
D.S. Kim, S-K Lee, S.S. Yang, T.H. Kwon and S.S. Lee
Pohang University of Science and Technology,, KR

Simulation of Electrical Field Induced Particle Transfer
R. Hoffmann and G. Wachutka
Océ Printing Systems, DE

Modeling and Simulation of Silicon Microsystem of Chemical Signals
M. Daniel, M. Szermer, K. Slusarczyk and A. Napieralski
Technical University of Lodz, PL

Polysilicon Prototypes for Flip-bonded Hybrid MEM-tunable Filters and VCSELs
E.M. Ochoa, L.A. Starman_Jr., W.D. Cowan, T.R. Nelson_Jr., O. Blum Spahn and J.A. Lott
Air Force Institute of Technology, US

Simulation and Validation of Bulk Micromachined 6H-SiC High-g Piezoresistive Accelerometer
A.R. Atwell, R.S. Okojie, K.T. Kornegay, S. Roberson and A. Beliveau
Cornell University, US

Implementation of a Nonlinear Control Law for the Magnetostrictive Beam Vibrations by an Amplifier of Current to Current
G.S. Bereksi
Center of Advanced European Studies And Research, DE

Simulation Based Design of O2 MEMS Sensor
Z. Andjelic, P. Krippner and A. Vogel
ABB Corporate Research Center, DE

Nonlinear Micromachined Flexure for Stiction Reduction
D-H Shim and J-W Cho
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR

Analytical Pull-in Study on Non-Deformable Electrostatic Micro Actuators
J. Zhe, X. Wu, J. Cheng, J. Wang, K.R. Farmer, L. Frechette and V. Modi
Columbia University, US

Structural Analysis of a Magnetically Actuated Silicon Nitride Micro-Shutter for Space Applications
J.P. Loughlin, R.K. Fettig, S.H. Moseley, A.S. Kutyrev and D.B. Mott
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, US

Concept of an Intelligent Microsystem Structure for Communication with Real Surrounding Space
M. Husak and J. Jakovenko
Czech Technical University, CZ

Analytical and FEM Simulation Pull-in Study on Deformable Electrostatic Micro Actuators
J. Cheng, J. Zhe, X. Wu, K.R. Farmer, V. Modi and L. Frechette
Columbia University, US

Modeling of a Self-Retracting Fully-Compliant Bistable Micromechanism
N. Masters and L.L. Howell
Georgia Institute of Technology, US

Simulation and Modeling of a Micro Pressure Sensor Array
J. Jin and Z. Zhou
Georgia Institute of Technology, US

RF Measurement Techniques for Micro-Cantilever Characterization and Application
C-H Wang and R.J. Weber
Iowa State University, US

Residual Stress Characterization in MEMS Microbridges using Micro-Raman Spectroscopy
L.A. Starman_Jr., E.M. Ochoa, J.A. Lott, M.S. Amer, W.D. Cowan and J.D. Busbee
Air Force Institute of Technology, US

Magnetohydrodynamic Micromixing
J.P. Gleeson and J. West
University College Cork, IR

A Study of the Behaviour of Magnetic Microactuators
M. Flynn and J.P. Gleeson
University College Cork, IR

Modeling Sub-Continuum Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Ultrathin Macromolecular Layers
W.P. King and K.E. Goodson
Stanford University, US

Capillary Interaction Between a Small Thin Solid Plate and a Liquid
M. Taher and T. Saif
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, US

Modeling a Growth Instability in Stressed and Ion-Implanted Doped Silicon
A-V Phan, T. Kaplan, L.J. Gray, W. Barvosa-Carter and M.J. Aziz
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US

ISBN: 0-9708275-7-1
Pages: 764