MSM 2000
MSM 2000
Technical Proceedings of the 2000 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems

Compact Modeling for Deep Submicron Devices Chapter 7

Verilog-AMS Eases Mixed Mode Signal Simulation
I. Miller and T. Cassagnes
Motorola ESD Europe, US

A Novel Method for the De-Embedding of S-Parameters of Double Heterojunction d-doped PHEMTs - Modeling and Measurements
R.V.V.V.J. Rao, J. Joe, Y.W.M. Chia, K.S. Ang, H. Wang and G.I. Ng
National University of Singapore, SG

Modeling of On-Chip Simultaneous Swithcing Noise in VDSM CMOS Circuits
K.T. Tang and E.G. Friedman
University of Rochester, US

Modeling of Threshold Voltage with Reverse Short Channel Effect
K.Y. Lim, X. Zhou and Y. Wang
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Behavioral Models and Specific Design Tool for New Power Integrated Devices
T. Bordingnon, J.L. Sanchez, P. Austin and V. Houdbert

Improved Prediction of Length/Temperature-Dependent Impact Ionization Induced Body Current Based on an Accurate Saturation Drain Voltage Model
S.H.L. Seah, K.S. Yeo, J.G. Ma and M.A. Do
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Analytical Results for the Current-Voltage Characteristics of an SOI-MOSFET
H.C. Morris, E. Cumberbatch, T. Phillips and B. Hinderberger
Claremont Graduate University, US

A Novel Approach to Compact I-V Modeling for Deep-Submicron MOSFET's Technology Development and Circuit Simulation
X. Zhou and K.Y. Lim
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Automatic Generation of Equivalent Circuits from Device Simulation
A. Pacelli, M. Mastrapasqua, M.A. Alam and S. Luryi
Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, US

Genetic Algorithm Based MOSFET Model Parameter Extraction
M. Keser and K. Joardar
Motorola SPS, US

A New Continuous Model for Deep Submicron MOSFETs
K-M.S. Chan, N-C.A. Wong, C-J. Chao, D-B. Kao, S-C. Wong and C.Y. Yang
Winbond Electronics Corporation America, US

Mobility Degradation and Current Loss Due to Vertical Electric Field in Channel Area of Submicron MOS Devices
A.A. Keshavarz, J.L. Walters and R. Sampson
STMicrolectronics, US

ISBN: 0-9666135-7-0
Pages: 741