Nano TechConnect News

Fujitsu and Leopalace21 Launch Fukushima Prefecture Pilot Project for Virtual Solar Power Plant
09/06/12 09:44 PM EST
New business model brings ICT to rooftop leasing for solar power generation

University of Kentucky Researchers Study RNA Nanotechnology Platform for Improving Treatment of Cancer and Viral Infections
09/04/12 03:02 PM EST
Ultrastable RNA nanoparticles could one day effectively treat cancers and viral infections without affecting surrounding tissue.

X-rays Reveal Spin Waves in Two-Dimensional High-Temperature Superconductors
09/04/12 02:53 PM EST
New technique probes crucial magnetic effects in custom-grown nanoscale material

A breakthrough in Nylon characterization from Malvern Instruments
08/31/12 04:17 PM EST
The new method uses formic acid as a solvent for Nylon.

Sensor detects glucose in saliva and tears for diabetes testing
08/23/12 05:00 PM EST
Researchers have created a new type of biosensor that can detect minute concentrations of glucose in saliva, tears and urine

MesoCoat mentioned in 2012 R&D 100 Winner Listings
08/23/12 04:37 PM EST
MesoCoat was selected to present at the 2012 TechConnect Venture Forum-Silicon Valley, CA, US

Department of Defense (DOD)
08/21/12 01:00 PM EST
Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3)

Unraveling Intricate Interactions, One Molecule at a Time
08/20/12 04:18 PM EST
In key step towards design of better organic electronic devices, Columbia Engineering team makes first single-molecule measurement of van der Waals interactions at a metal-organic interface

UH Researcher Develops Solar Panel Coating to Increase Efficiency
08/20/12 04:15 PM EST
New Technology Successfully Undergoes Independent Testing

Department of Defense (DOD)
08/13/12 01:00 PM EST
Advanced Drop-In Bio Fuels Production Project