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Nokia and Graphene Flagship Consortium Receive Billion Dollar Grant from European Union
02/21/13 01:15 PM EST
$1.35 Billion will be given to both organizations over the next ten years to continue graphene R&D

Corporate Spotlight Interview: IBM
02/19/13 05:07 PM EST
TechConnect News speaks with Dr. Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer for IBM Big Green Innovations, where he assembles, maintains, and develops environmentally focused businesses for IBM. Dr. Williams will be speaking at the upcoming TechConnect World Conference this May.

Systems Biology Enabled Research on the Role of Microbial Communities in Carbon Cycling
02/14/13 02:25 PM EST
Department of Energy Deadline: April 19, 2013

Fiscal Year 2013 Vehicle Technologies Program-Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement
02/14/13 02:23 PM EST
Department of Energy Deadline: March 30, 2103

Dimensions of Biodiversity
02/14/13 02:21 PM EST
NSF Deadline: May 6, 2013

DoD Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Traumatic Brain Injury Research Award
02/11/13 09:29 PM EST
US Army Deadline: May 21, 2013

Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology
02/11/13 09:27 PM EST
NSF Deadline: June 6, 2013

Crosscutting Research: Development of Novel Architecture for Optimization of Advanced Energy Systems
02/11/13 09:25 PM EST
National Energy Technology Laboratory Deadline: March 14, 2013

Broadening Participation Research Initiation Grants in Engineering
02/11/13 09:23 PM EST
NSF Deadline: April 29, 2013

Corporate Spotlight Interview: BASF - The Chemical Company
01/24/13 02:03 PM EST
Dr. Jens Rieger, Senior Vice President, Advanced Materials and Systems Research-Technology Incubation, BASF SE and Dr. Svetlana Dimovski, Manager, Open Innovation and Science Relations, BASF North America speak to TechConnect News about BASF's technology and investment areas of interest