Nano TechConnect News

Northwest Region Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Center
06/23/13 01:15 PM EST
U.S. Department of Transportation: FHA Deadline: July 1, 2013

Lophius Biosciences GmbH Joins NEU² and Receives Substantial Grant Funding for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis
06/23/13 12:42 PM EST
NEU² Consortium is a Germany public-private partnership dedicated to finding advanced treatments for MS.

Exposure to Air Transforms Gold Alloys Into Catalytic Nanostructures
06/23/13 12:36 PM EST
Brookhaven Lab scientists create promising gold-indium oxide nanoparticles through room-temperature oxidation

Defense Energy Summit Comes to Austin, TX, November 11-13, 2013
05/31/13 06:11 PM EST
Join the Nation's energy, business and defense leadership as they accelerate the discovery, development and deployment of new energy solutions and projects.

Multi-domain, Optical, Non-uniform Adaptive Imaging Technology Oriented Research (MONITOR)
05/23/13 01:08 PM EST
Department of Defense: Office of Naval Research Deadline: September 12, 2013

Atomic-Scale Investigations Solve Key Puzzle of LED Efficiency
05/23/13 01:02 PM EST
MIT and Brookhaven Lab scientists use electron microscopy imaging techniques to settle a solid-state controversy and raise new experimental possibilities.

Nanotechnology advance offers promising new approach to treatment of lung cancer
05/23/13 12:59 PM EST
Researchers at Oregon State University have developed a new drug delivery system that allows inhalation of chemotherapeutic drugs to help treat lung cancer.

Envision Solar Completes Solar Tree® Array Installation for NREL
04/21/13 06:16 PM EST
With help from Ideal Power Converters' technology, a TechConnect Accelerator Participant next month at the TechConnect-National Innovation Summit, Washington, D.C.

DuPont Unveils 11th Innovation Center in Turkey
04/21/13 06:05 PM EST
DuPont Innovation Center in Turkey will focus on innovations related to food, construction, energy, and automotive industries.

"Nanosponges" Able to Absorb and Remove Dangerous Toxins from the Body
04/21/13 05:59 PM EST
"Nanosponge" able to neutralize toxins by destroying the cells through puncturing the cell membranes.