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Graphene nanoribbons for “reading” DNA
11/22/13 06:35 PM EST
EPFL researchers have found a way to improve this technique by using a material with unique properties: graphene.

Draft NNI Strategic Plan Seeks Public Comment
11/22/13 06:14 PM EST
The deadline to submit comments is December 18, 2013.

Tesla NanoCoatings Enters Into Partnership with SK Global Chemical
11/22/13 06:07 PM EST
SK Global Chemical will invest up to $55 Million US into Tesla NanoCoatings over the next eight years.

Copper Promises Cheaper, Sturdier Fuel Cells
11/22/13 05:59 PM EST
Researchers at Duke University want to use copper to transform sunlight and water into a chemical fuel.

Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience
11/22/13 01:22 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: January 27, 2014

Long Term Research in Environmental Biology
11/22/13 01:19 PM EST
National Science Foundation Deadline: January 30, 2014

(FY) 2014 Department of Defense Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI) - Air Force Submissions
11/22/13 01:15 PM EST
US Air Force Deadline: December 16, 2013

Hydrogen Delivery Technologies
11/22/13 01:08 PM EST
Department of Energy Deadline: February 14, 2014

Using nanotechnology, Stanford University engineers create faster, more energy efficient computer
10/29/13 11:08 PM EST
The computer uses transistors made of carbon nanotubes.

Fujitsu Develops High-Sensitivity Receiver Chip, Paving Way to Gigabit-class Wireless Communication Devices
10/29/13 11:01 PM EST
The 240GHz band is a frequency range over 100 times wider than that used by mobile devices today (0.8-2GHz).