Index of Authors

Qablan, A.

Glucometers to Detect for Heart Attack

Nanomagnetic Immunoassay for Rapid Detection of Escherichia coli

Rapid Isolation of AMI Markers using Nanomagnetic Particles

Qamar, S.

Assembly of DNA Rotaxanes for AFM Based DNA Sequencing

DNA Translocation through a Nanopore

Qasmi, M.

Elasto-plastic Properties of Electroplated and Polycrystalline Nickel using Numerical Modelling of the Nanoindentation Test Coupled with an Inverse Method

Qauttrocchi, N.

A “leukolike” multistage delivery system to overcome biological barriers

Qi, B.

Effect of Nanoclay Content on Mechanical Behaviour of TGDDM Epoxy Nanocomposites

Qi, C.

Application of alumina-based nanogold catalysts in gas mask and CO2 laser

Qi, J.

Application of direct growth ZnO nanaotetrapods in field emission device

Qi, L.

Organic versus Hybrid Coacervate Complexes: Co-Assembly and Adsorption Properties

Redispersible hybrid nanopowders: cerium oxide nanoparticle complexes with phosphonated-peg oligomers

Qi, S.

Effects of Silicon Nanowires on HepG2 Cell Adhesion and Spreading

Qi, W.

Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Biodegradable Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-Polycaprolactone (PEO-b-PCL) Diblock Copolymers

Qi, X-H

Synthesis and Biopharmaceutical Characterisation of a New Poly hydroxyethyl

Qi, X.

A Portable Raman Sensor for the Rapid Identification of the Olive Oil

Qi, Z-M

Nanoporous thin-film waveguide resonance sensors with wavelength interrogation over a broad bandwidth

Qian, C.

Antiphase Design for Balanced Oscillators

Qian, D.

A Multiscale Meshfree Method for the Mechanical Analysis of Low Dimensional Nanostructures

Qian, H.

Comprehensive Microscopy Analysis of Au/Ag Nanoclusters on Silica Nanospheres