Index of Authors

Niedergall, K.

NANOCYTES-Technology – Biomimetic nanoparticles for molecular recognition by molecular imprinting

Niedermann, P.

Hollow Atomic Force Microscopy Probes for Nanoscale Dispensing of Liquids

Niedzielski, P.

The growth of a polycrystalline graphene from a liquid phase

Nieh, M-P

Spontaneously Forming Unilamellar Nano-Sized Vesicles – Polydispersity, Size, Shape and Stability

Niehaus, J.

Water-soluble nanoparticles as an universal imaging tool

Encapsulation of nanoparticles with multifunctional, cross-linkable diblock copolymers for biomedicine

Nielsen, R.P.

Nanoparticle Formation in Supercritical Fluids – The World’s First Real Time In-situ Investigation

Niemann, D.L.

Individual Carbon Nanotube Cold Field Emitters: Experimental and Modeling Studies of Integrated System Architecture

Systematic Quantitative Characterization of Surface Nanostructures

Niemann, J.

Nanoelectronic CO2 Breath Sensors

Niemier, M.

Characterization of Silane Nanoadhesion by means of Dynamic Force Spectroscopy

Nanomagnet Logic - From Concept to Prototype

Nieminen, H.

Static Equivalent Circuit Model for a Capacitive MEMS RF Switch

Niemz, A.

Electronic DNA detection on semiconductor surfaces

Rapid Isothermal Amplification and Multiplexed Surface Detection of Short DNA Sequences

Nien, P.-C.

An amperometric on-chip glucose biosensor based on enzyme entrapment with pre-reaction to lower interference in a flow injection system

Niessner, M.

Automatically Generated and Experimentally Validated System-Level Model of a Microelectromechanical RF Switch

Electromechanical and Electromagnetic Simulation of RF-MEMS Complex Networks Based on Compact Modeling Approach

Squeeze-Film Damping in Perforated Microstructures: Modeling, Simulation and Pressure-Dependent Experimental Validation

Niesz, K.

Interesting applications on a novel high pressure high temperature microfluidic-based flow reactor