Index of Authors

Eady, N.R.

Characterization of “Multipath Interconnects” for Microelectronic and Nanotechnology Circuits

Earl, J.

Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle Synthesis and In-Vitro Study of Dentinal Tubule Occlusion

Eastlake, A.C.

Nanocellulose - Evaluation of the full spectrum of workplace health and safety

Eastwood, D.S.

ChiralMEM: a Novel Concept for High Density Magnetic Memory Technology

Eastwood, I.

Catching Mr. Big with the Small - 'To Infinitesimal and Beyond"

Eastwood, M.

High-Efficiency Optical Absorbers Derived from Carbon Nanostructures

Eaton, B.E.

Scanning probe-based fabrication of 3D nanostructures via affinity templates, functional RNA and meniscus-mediated surface remodeling

Eaton, W.P.

Dynamic Effects of Linkage Joints in Electrostatic Microengines

A New Analytical Solution for Diaphragm Deflection and its Application to a Surface-Micromachined Pressure Sensor

Ebeling, M.F.E.

Spinning science: The commercialisation of nanotech and financial news

Ebeling, R.

Brittle Ductile Transition in Carbon Nanotube Bundles

Ebenso, E.E.

Voltammetric and Impedance studies of Phenols and Its Derivatives at Carbon Nanotubes/Prussian Blue Films Platinum Modified Electrode

MWCNTs/metal oxide nanocomposite as potential material for supercapacitors application in acidic and neutral media

Eber, N.

Liquid crystals doped by magnetic nanoparticles

Eberlein, D.

Electrostatic Printing of CNT Liquid Toners

Ebert, C.

Delivery of Shiga Toxin 1 A Subunit into Epithelial Cells Using Silica-Based Nanowires

Ebert, T.

Simulation of Micro-Channel Heat Sinks for Optoelectronic Microsystems

Ebina, T.

Clay Polyimide Composite Film with Low CTE and High Water Vapor Barrier Property

Ebitani, K.

In Situ Quick XAFS Study on the Formation Mechanism of Cu Nanoparticles Synthesized in Aqueous Phase

Spectroscopic study on the charge redistribution between Au and Ag in Au@Ag core-shell nanoparticles