Index of Authors

Ashok, P.

Analysis of Stem Cell Culture Performance in a Microcarrier Bioreactor System

Ashour, D.

Antimicrobial properties of silver coated CNT

Ashour, M.

A Fully Symmetric and Completly Decoupled MEMS-SOI Gyroscope

Ashraf, N.

Comparative Analysis of Threshold Voltage Variations in Presence of Random Channel Dopants and a Single Random Interface Trap for 45 nm N-MOSFET as Predicted by Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation and Existing Analytical Model Expressions

Impact of Channel Length and Gate Width of a N-MOSFET Device on the Threshold Voltage and its Fluctuations in Presence of Random Channel Dopants and Random Interface Trap: A 3D Ensemble Monte Carlo Stud

Ashraf, N.S.

Monte Carlo Simulation of Impact of Random Telegraph Noise in 45 nm MOSFET Due to Coupled Effects of Random Interface and Oxide Traps With Random Channel Dopant Distributions

Ashrafi, B.

Trifunctional Epoxy – SWNTs Composites. a New Non – Covalent SWNTs Integration Approach

Ashrafpour, S.

Combined utility of dynamic light scattering and surface plasmon resonance characteristics for drug nanocarrier systems

Circular dichroism spectroscopy of Lysozyme-Silver Nanoparticles complex

Ashrit, P.V.

Gold Composite- and Macroporous Gold Nanoparticle Films by a Vertical Deposition Method

Ashurst, R.W.

Durable Anti-Stiction Coatings by Molecular Vapor Deposition (MVD)

Controlling Alignment in Cellulose Nanocrystal Coatings

Asif, M.

Synthesis of of Biopolymeric Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide as a Dispersion Medium

Askari, D.

Closed form Exact Analytical Solutions for Effective Mechanical Properties and Responses for Nanotube Reinforced Nanocomposites

Fabrication and Testing of Three-Dimensionally Reinforced Carbon Nanotube Based Laminated Nanocomposites

Askari, M.

Application of Sugimoto model on particle size prediction of colloidal TiO2 nanoparticles

Askeland, P.A.

Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets [2] Surface Treatment

Asl Soleimania, E.

Controllable growth of ZnO nanorod-carbon nanotube heterojunction arrays by low-temperature wet chemical bath deposition method for using in dye solar cell

Asle Zaeem, M.

A novel cyclic forward-backward extrusion process for production of ultrafine grains materials

Asmar, R.

Iron based 1D Nanostructures by Electrospinning Process