Index of Authors

Al-Hosiny, N.

Photoacoustic Study of CdS quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Applications

Al-Jamal, K.T.

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Doxorubicin Supramolecular Complexes for Cancer Therapeutics

Al-Jamal, W.T.

Structural Elucidation of Doxorubicin-Loaded Liposomes by Atomic Force Microscopy in air and water

Doxorubicin-loaded and Antibody-Conjugated Liposome-QD Hybrid Vesicles for Targeted Cancer Therapy and Imaging

Al-maameri, R.

Rheological Characterization of Melt Compounded Polypropylene/clay nanocomposites

Al-Masry, W.A.

Fabrication chitosan nano fibers membrane via electrospinning

Al-Mousa, A.

Systematic Quantitative Characterization of Surface Nanostructures

Al-Mumen, H.

Temperature Stability of PAG-Doped-Graphene, Towards Commercial Production of Graphene Integrated Circuits

Al-Nsour, R.

Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polytetrafluoroethylene at Glassy Transition Temperature

AL-Qahtani, S.

Towards Wireless Implantable Pressure Sensor to Monitor Compartment Syndrome in Trauma Victims

Al-Qaragouli, A.

Passive and active Solar Systems for High Schools in Babylon- Iraq: Design and Economic Study

Al-Qaraguli, A.

Passive solar design features for a zero energy home in Babylon, Iraq

Al-Qurashi, N.N.

XRD and SEM studies on annealed nanocrystalline titanium dioxide powder

Al-Rasheed, R.

Enhanced RO Performance of Polyamide Bi-layer Membranes Prepared by Sequential Interfacial Polymerization

Al-Rjoub, M.F.

Hot spots active-cooling micro-channel heat sink device, using electro-osmotic flow

Al-Rowayeh, A.

Synthesizing and Consolidation of Mechanically-Induced Solid-State Reacted Ti50C50 Nanopowders and Subsequent Consolidations

Al-Saleh, M.H.

Novel Metal Nanowire/Polymer Nanocomposites for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding

Al-Zahrani, A.

Ammonia Decomposition over Ni Supported on Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Surface Functional Groups

Al-Zeghayer, Y.

Fabrication chitosan nano fibers membrane via electrospinning

Alaimo, G.

Fast and Efficient Nucleic Acid Testing by ST‘s In-CheckTM Lab-on-Chip Platform