Index of Affiliations

TAG Technology

Heat is the Enemy of Energy Efficiency

Taif University

Photoacoustic Study of CdS quantum Dots for Photovoltaic Applications

Taipei Medical University

In Vivo Protein Transduction: Penetration of the Biologically Active HIV-1 Tat Mediated Cu,Zn-Superoxide Dismutase Rescues Murine Skin from Oxidative Stress

A better biomaterial for bone regeneration: type II collagen

Taipei Medical University, Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital

A Novel Near Infra-Red Fluorescent Probes to Repair Metal Artifact After Implantation

Taiwan University of Science & Technology/Taipei Medical University

Evaluation of F127 / chitosan hydrogel as a scaffold for bone repair

Tallinn University of Technology

Application of nanoindentation for constituent phases testing

Tampere University of Technology

Strength of Nanoscale Copper Connection Under Shear

Molecular Dynamics Study of Thermally Induced Shear Strain in Nanoscale Copper

Flame Deposition of Superhydrophobic and Superhydrophilic Nanoparticle Coatings on Paperboard Materials

Measuring Resistive Characteristics of Silicon Nanowire by Applying Electrostatic Tensile Device and Broadband Test Signal

Tanner Research, Inc.

A Methodology for System Level Simulation, Modeling and Optimization of MEMS Devices

Tarbiat Modares University

Influence of multiwall carbon nanotubes in mechanical properties of E-glass/epoxy resin/jeffamine-D400 composites

Combined utility of dynamic light scattering and surface plasmon resonance characteristics for drug nanocarrier systems

Circular dichroism spectroscopy of Lysozyme-Silver Nanoparticles complex

Tarbiat Modares university

Fabrication of Aptamer-Functionalized Gold Nanorod Biosensor for Colorimetric Detection of Lysozyme

Tartu University

Preparation of Sb Doped SnO2 SPM Tips and their Use as Transparent Probes in STM Induced Light Hybrid Microscopy

TASS - Americas

Crack Healing and Crack Closure Retardation Effect Through Release of Liquid Monomer in the Wake of Crack


Obtaining Fracture Properties by Virtual Testing and Molecular Dynamics Techniques

Tata Research Development and Design Centre

A Molecular Modeling Approach towards Engineering of Polymer Nanogels for Controlled Drug Delivery