Index of Affiliations

East China University of Science and Technology

Lithium selective adsorption on low-dimensional TiO2 nanoribbons

Epidermal Growth Factor-Ferritin H-Chain Nanoparticles as Nanocarrier of

Eastman Kodak

Integrated Thermal Modulation and Deflection of Viscous Microjets with Applications to Continuous Inkjet Printing

Eastman Kodak Co.

Simulation of Grating Light Valves

Thermally Induced Marangoni Instability of Liquid Microjets with Application to Continuous Inkjet Printing

Eastman Kodak Company

Surface Tension Induced Instability of Viscous Liquid Jets

Novel Microfluidic Jet Deflection: Significant Modeling Challenge with Great Application Potential

Snap-Through Bilayer Microbeam

Analytical Analysis of a Squeeze Film Dominated MEMS Fluid Ejector

Thermal Modulation and Instability of Viscous Microjets

Nanoprobe for Optical Molecular Imaging

Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Deformation and Breakup of Slender Microjets with Application to Continuous Inkjet Printing

Organic Solvent Dispersed TiO2 Nanocrystal Sol: Synthesis and Characterization

Analysis of an Electrostatically Actuated MEMS Drop Ejector

Modeling Drop Generation at the Microscale

Drop Formation and Control of Non-Newtonian Fluid

Eastman Kodak Research Labs

A MOEMS Electrothermal Grating

ECE Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Convergence and Speed Issues in Analog HDL Model Formulation for MEMS

EcoArray, Inc.

Size Matters: The outer diameter of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) affects gene expression in female fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas)


Cleaning the Engine Exhaust without Precious Metal Catalysts