Index of Affiliations

City College of the City University of New York

Self-Assembled Soft Nanomaterials from Renewable Resources

City University of Hong Kong

A Novel Approach to Simulate the Potential at the Center Axis of Poisson's Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates for Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation Processes

Effects of Silicon Nanowires on HepG2 Cell Adhesion and Spreading

City University of New York

Concentration Tuned Interactions and Structures in One Gradient AC Electric Field

CJSC Modern E-Technologies

Preparation of a new generation porous thermal insulation mass using functional nanomaterials

Claremont Graduate University

Analytical Results for the Current-Voltage Characteristics of an SOI-MOSFET

Density Gradient Quantum Surface Potential

Clark Atlanta Univeristy

Wavelet Transform Image Compression Prototype

Clarkson University

Loss of Elasticity of Ageing Epithelial Cells, and Its Possible Reversal

Fluorescent Silica Beads for Detection of Cervical Cancer

Self-Assembly of Fluorescent Silica (glass) Beads

Dynamic Nanoindentation Analysis using Generalized Maxwell Model for Viscoelastic Materials Characterization

Clemson University

Effect of Stress on Dopant Diffusion in Si

Calculation of Shock Waves and Temperatures of FCC Single Crystals (Nickel) using Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics

Orientation E®ects of Elastic-Plastic Deformation at Surfaces: Nanoindentation of Nickel Single Crystals

Fabrication of Microfluidic Cells with Liquid Core Waveguide and 1,1’-Oxalydiimidazole Chemiluminescence Detection

Structural Study of Amorphous Carbon using Adaptive Interatomic Reactive Empirical Bond-order Potential Model

Single-Molecule Study of Dendrimer-Hydrocarbon Interaction

Fluorescence of Water-Soluble Fullerenes in Biological Systems

Preparation and characterization of ultrasharp tungsten wires