Index of Affiliations

California Institute of Technology

Characterization and in vivo efficacy of targeted nanoparticles for systemic siRNA delivery to tumors

Carbon Nanotube Arrays with Tunable Wettability and Their Applications

Micro/Nano Patterned Integrated Electrochemical Sensors for Implantable Applications

Nanofabrication Techniques for Fully Integrated Sensing Platforms

California Polytechnic State University

Simulation and Experiment on 2PC Transmitted Diffraction Grating for GaN LEDs

California State Univeristy, Sacramento

A Computational Study to Overcome Mass Transfer Limit in Microfluidic Fuel Cell

California State University

Computer Program Simulation of Protein Structure I

Computer Program Simulation of Protein Sturcture and Theory of Mechanic Force for Protein Folding II

California State University Long Beach

A Novel Technique for Purifiction and Segregation of CNT Using Inkjet Technology

A Novel Technique for Purification and Segregation

Volume Grain Analysis in Organic Thin Film Semiconductors

Near-field infrared nanoscopy of phonon resonant silica and silica-coated goldnoparticles

California State University Los Angeles

New sample injection methods for chip electrophoresis

Electron pairing instabilities and magnetic properties in nanoclusters and nanomaterials

The manifestation of the one-dimensional non-collinear spin-dependent scattering on magnetized nano-element structures

Electronic properties in two dimensional quantum rings consisting of two nanoelements

California State University, Long Beach

Facile Fabrication of an Enzyme Microreactor Using Magnetic Microbeads

California State University, Los Angeles

Magnetically Controlled Valve for Flow Manipulation in Polymeric Microfluidic Devices

Electron instabilities in nanoclusters, nanostructures and inhomogeneous nanomaterials: bottom up approach

Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd.

Synthesis of nano carbons using plasma reactor