Index of Affiliations

Cabacaba Yenilenebilir Enerji Sistemleri

Application possibility of Parabolic Through Solar Thermal Power Plant technology in North Cyprus

Cabot Corporation

Application-Driven Fine Particle Solutions

Production of High Surface Area Oxygen Sensitive Powders by Na Flame Synthesis

Analysis and Measurement of Ink Media Interactions in Inkjet Printing

Nano-Silicon and Non-Oxide Ceramics Synthesis via Gas-phase Sodium Reduction Aerosol Reactor

Cabot Microelectronics Corporation

Addressing 3rd-Party Patent Protection in the Product Development Process

Cadence Design System, Inc.

High Voltage MOSFET’s Modeling Review

Body Bias Dependency of Substrate Current and Its Modeling for SOI Devices

Cadence Design Systems

Modeling and Characterization of Wire Inductance for High Speed VLSI Design

Modeling and Characterization of High Frequency Effects in ULSI Interconnects

Modeling and Characterization of Wire Inductance for High Speed VLSI Design

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

System Performance Evaluation with SystemC for Two PCR Microelectrofluidic Systems

Integrated Hierarchical Design of Microelectrofluidic Systems using SystemC

Analysis and Modeling of NQS Effects in MOSFET’s

Compact Capacitance Model of LDMOS for Circuit Simulation


Quantum Dot Modified Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes

Caesar - Research Center

Nanomechanical Properties of Silica Coated Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes – Poly(methyl methacrylate) Composites


California’s Approach for safe Nanotechnologies: Second Information Call-in from Manufacturers

Calando Pharmaceuticals

Systemic Delivery of Targeted, siRNA-Containing Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Solid Tumors: Concept to Clinic

California Academy of Sciences

Insects Separate Diffusing Particles in Parallel