Index of Affiliations

Agilent Technologies

Microfluidic Technology Applied to Protein Sizing and Quantitation

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Small Diameter, Controlled Density and Defined Locations Produced from Catalyst-Containing Polymer Films

Identifying Nanoscale Molecular Binding Events With SPM/AFM

Highly sensitive Scanning Capacitance Microscope

Nanoparticle Measurement by Spectroscopic Mie Scattering

Attaching Biological Molecules to AFM Probes for Nanoscale Molecular Recognition Studies

Modified AFM Probes for Nanoscale Biomolecular Recognition Studies

Micrwave based microfluidic sensor

Agiltron, Inc.

The Development of a Portable Arsenic Detector Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid on-Site Testing of Groundwater

Agricultural University of Athens

Valorization of by-product streams from the pulp and paper industry for succinic acid production

Developing confectionery industry biorefineries

Lignocellulosic sugars as co-substrates for single cell oil and γ-linolenic acid production by Thamnidium elegans

Ahuntsic College

Nano cellulose crystallites: optical, photonic and electro-magnetic properties

Nano Crystalline Cellulosic Nematic monocrystals optical properties

Nano Crystalline Cellulose – Optical and Structural Properties by Molecular Dynamic Simulations

Smectic structure of Nano Crystalline Cellulose Established by Large-Scale Parallel Molecular Dynamic Simulations


Fabrication of superhydrophobic nanostructured films by Physical Vapour Deposition

Air Force Institute of Technology

Detecting Secondary Peptide Structures by Scaling a Genetic Algorithm

Solving the Protein Structure Prediction Problem Through a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm

Competitive Template Analysis of the Fast Messy Genetic Algorithm When Applied to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem