Index of Affiliations

Arizona State University

Drift Velocity Calculation in Si Using an Analytical Model for the Phonon Dispersion

Continuous Flow Real-Time Pcr Platform for High Throughput Environmental Monitoring

Arizona StateUniversity

Complex Potentials, Dissipative Processes and General Quantum Transport

Arizone State University

An Effective Potential Method for Including Quantum Effects Into the Simulation of Ultra-Short and Ultra-Narrow Channel MOSFETs

Arkansas Research Alliance

High Throughput Screening of Nanomaterials: The Arkansas Research Consortium in Nanotoxicity, a partnership between Arkansas and the FDA

Arkansas State University

Applications of Parameterized Computation in Computational Biology

Detection, Measurement and Toxicology of Semiconductor Nanocrystals in Ceriodapnia dubia

Statistical Analysis of Electroplated Indium (III) Sulfide (In2S3) Films, a Potential Buffer Material for PV (Heterojucntion Solar Cells) Systems, using Organic Electrolytes

Arkema Inc.

Arkema Inc. Graphistrength (tm) Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes

Composites with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

ARmark Authentication Technologies, LLC

Fashioning of Polymer Multi-functional Nanovector Microparticle Delivery System by High Definition Microextrusion


Electrochemical Synthesis of Polyaniline Nanoparticles and Nanofibers


Simulation of filling of microfluidic devices using a coarse-grained continuum contact angle model

Computational Heat Transfer and Two-phase Flow in Miniature Tubes


A lattice Boltzmann study of the non-Newtonian blood flow in stented aneurysm

The Immersed Surfaces Technology for Reliable and Fast Setup of Microfluidics Simulation Problems

Asemblon Inc.

A Brief History of Thiols: An assembly of self-assembly

ASML USA, Inc - Special Applications

Novel lithography technique using an ASML stepper/scanner for the manufacture of display devices in MEMS world


Micro mixture: Size effect of micro mixing

Assoc. Prof.

Chitosan-Nanoparticle as UV Filter and Carrier for Cosmetic Actives