Index of Affiliations

Arizona State University

Cellular Automata Studies of Vertical MOSFETs

An Overview of the 3D Simulation Efforts at Arizona State University Directed Towards Understanding Transport in the Quantum Dots and the Ultra-Small Devices of the Future

Three-Dimensional Multi-Grid Poisson Solver for Modeling Semiconductor Devices

Modeling Facet Growth of Cu Thin Films

Modeling Nucleation and Growth of Voids During Electromigration

Monte Carlo and Energy Balance Simulations of a Deep Sub-micrometer Conventional and Asymmetric MOSFET Device Structures

Initial State Preparation and Stability in Narrow Band-Gap Semiconductor Qubits

A Quantum Waveguide Array Generator For Performing Fourier Transforms

Threshold Voltage Shifts in Narrow-Width SOI Devices Due to Quantum Mechanical Size-Quantization Effects

Sub-Threshold Electron Mobility in SOI-MESFETs

Modeling of Nanoelectronic and Quantum Devices

Valving in Microchannels via Electrodeposition on Solid Electrolytes

Microfabricated Silicon Apertures for Ion Channel Measurement

Spin Polarization in GaAs/Al0.24Ga0.76As Heterostructures

Examination of the Effects of Unintentional Doping on the Operation of FinFETs with Monte Carlo Simulation Integrated with Fast Multipole Method (FMM)

Hole Transport Simulations in p-channel Si MOSFETs

Monte Carlo Transport Calculations of Strained SiGe Heterostructures from Ab-Initio Band-structures

Arizona state University

Study of Cutoff Frequency Calculation in the Subthreshold Regime of Operation of the SOI - MESFETs

Arizona State University

Implementation of Separable Scattering Mechanisms in Three-Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Simulations of a Silicon Quantum Wire

Spin Density Functional Theory Simulations of Quantum Point Contacts: An Investigation of Spin Filtering Effects