NSTI Nanotech 2009

Nanomaterials for Stretchable Electronics/Optoelectronic

J.A. Rogers
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig, US

Keywords: surfaces, semiconductors, intergrated circuits, bio-inspired design


Electronic circuits that involve transistors and other components on thin plastic sheets or rubber slabs offer mechanical properties (e.g. bendability, stretchability) and other features (e.g. lightweight, rugged construction) that cannot be easily replicated with technologies that use rigid, fragile semiconductor wafers or glass substrates. Device examples include personal or structural health monitors and electronic eye imagers, in which electronics must conform to complex curvilinear shapes or flex/stretch during use. This talk describes our recent work in this area, with an emphasis on the use of single crystalline inorganic semiconductor nanomaterials in ‘wavy’, buckled configurations on elastomeric supports. We describe key fundamental materials and mechanics aspects of these approaches, as well as engineering features of their use in individual transistors, photodiodes and integrated circuits. Cardiac and brain monitoring devices provide examples of use in biomedicine; hemispherical electronic eye cameras illustrate the capacity for bio-inspired device design.
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