NSTI Nanotech 2009

Noble metal nanostructures prepared in the organic phase within hexagonal swollen liquid crystal templates

P.F. Siril, H. Remita, L. Ramos
Universite Paris-Sud, FR

Keywords: noble metal nanostructures, swollen liquid crystal, organic medium, Pd nanofilms


We have prepared a number of noble metal nanostructures from the organic medium that is constrained in the swollen liquid crystal templates. A suitable noble metal salt is either dissolved or phase transferred into toluene and this was used as the oil phase to swell the surfactant tubes that form the SLCs. The noble metal ions were then chemically and/or radiolytically reduced to form the nanostructures. Thus ultra thin Pd nanofilms, Pt nanorodes, Pt nanoballs and facetted Au nanoparticles were prepared and characterised.
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