2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual
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Nano Medicine

Symposium Sessions


Monday May 21

7:00 Registration
8:30 Nanotech Conference Opening & Keynotes
10:30 BioSensors: Diagnostics & Assays 1
10:30 Environment, Health and Society: Regulatory & Social Implications
10:40 Environment, Health and Society: Regulatory & Social Implications
1:30 BioSensors: Diagnostics & Assays 2
1:30 Environment, Health and Society: Drug Delivery
2:00 Environment, Health and Society: Drug Delivery Testing Panel
3:00 Environment, Health and Society: Standards and Testing
4:00 BioSensors: Lab-on-Chip
4:00 Environment, Health and Society: Occupational Heath & Safety
4:00 Environment, Health and Society: Occupational Heath & Safety Panel
4:00 Softnano: Bio-inspiration for soft nanostructured materials
4:00 BioNano: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & Treatment

Tuesday May 22

7:00 TUESDAY - Registration
8:30 Keynotes: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & Treatment
10:30 BioNano: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & Treatment
1:30 BioNano: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & Treatment
4:00 Poster Session 1 (4:00 - 6:00) & Expo Reception

Wednesday May 23

11:00 BioSensors: Nucleic Acid Application & Detection
10:30 BioNano: Drug Delivery
1:00 Toxicology Studies in Nanotechnology - 1
2:00 Nanotech Poster Session 2 - Expo Reception (2:00 - 4:00)
4:00 Toxicology Studies in Nanotechnology - 2

Thursday May 24

8:30 BioNano: Biomarkers & Nanoparticles
10:30 BioNano: Nano Medicine, Diagnostics, Imaging & Therapies
1:30 BioNano: Nanotech to Neurology

Symposium Program


Monday May 21

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7:00 RegistrationMain Lobby
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8:30 Nanotech Conference Opening & KeynotesGrand Ballroom
 Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, NSTI, Andreas Wild, Freescale Semiconductors
8:30 How the US Can Ensure Energy Supply for the Future
J. Hofmeister, Shell Oil, US (bio)
9:10 National Nanotech Initiative and Industrial Nanotechnology Impact
A.H. Carim, Co-Chair, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Technology, Subcommittee, National Science & Technology Council, U.S. Department of Energy, US (bio)
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10:30 BioSensors: Diagnostics & Assays 1Great America 2
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, LANL
10:30 In-Plane Transduction of Nanomechanical Microcantilever Motion To Enable Sensor Arrays
G.P. Nordin, S. Kim, J. Noh and Y. Qian, Brigham Young University, US
10:50 Selective Heating Characterization of Nanoplate Devices for Simultaneous Sensing of Multiple Biomolecule Species at Ultra-low Concentrations
O.H. Elibol, B. Reddy_Jr. and R. Bashir, Purdue University, US
11:10 High-sensitive Label-free Biosensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Field-effect Transistors Modified with Aptamers
K. Maehashi, T. Katsura, K. Matsumoto, K. Kerman, Y. Takamura and E. Tamiya, Osaka University, JP
11:30 Nanobiopore: A Novel Nano-Porous Electrode System to Enhance Biosensor Sensitivity
U. Müller, W. Nisch, S. Neugebauer, W. Schuhmann, S. Linke, M. Kaczor, T. Lohmüller, J. Spatz, M. Motz, J. Sorsa, S. Hecke, G. Hartwich and M. Stelzle, NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute, DE
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10:30 Environment, Health and Society: Regulatory & Social ImplicationsRoom 204
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US
10:30 Opening Remarks
L. Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US (bio)
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10:40 Environment, Health and Society: Regulatory & Social ImplicationsRoom 204
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US
- T. Meyers, US Chamber of Commerce, US
- C. Baier-Anderson, Enviromental Defense, US
- V. Murashov, US NIOSH, US
- J. Alwood, US EPA, US
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1:30 BioSensors: Diagnostics & Assays 2Grand Ballroom D
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, LANL
1:30 Investigation of pH behavior of single myocyte cells in picoliter microfluidic device
I.A. Ges and F.J. Baudenbacher, Vanderbilt University, US
1:50 Microfluidic electromanipulation with capacitive detection for cell diagnostic applications
G.A. Ferrier, A.N. Hladio, D.J. Thomson, G.E. Bridges, M. Hedayatipoor, S. Olson and M. Freeman, University of Manitoba, CA
2:30 Devices for Nanoparticle-based Cancer Detection
G.Y. Kim, K.D. Daniel, C.C. Vassiliou, N. Elman, L. Josephson and M.J. Cima, MIT, US
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1:30 Environment, Health and Society: Drug DeliveryRoom 204
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US
1:30 Drug Delivery through Nanotechnology
P. Soong-Shiong, Abraxis Biosience, US
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2:00 Environment, Health and Society: Drug Delivery Testing PanelRoom 204
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US
- S.E. McNeil, National Cancer Institute, US
- M. Analoui, Pfizer, US
- P. Soong-Shiong, Abraxis Bioscience, US
- P. Krüger, Bayer, DE
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3:00 Environment, Health and Society: Standards and TestingRoom 204
 Session chair: Lynn Foster, Greenberg Traurig, US
- S. Brown, Intel Corporation, US
- S. McNeil, National Cancer Institute, US
- A. Nel, UCLA, US
- R. Pleus, Intertox, US
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4:00 BioSensors: Lab-on-ChipGrand Ballroom D
 Session chair: Ed Furlani, Eastman Kodak, US
4:00 Printed electronicsfor Life Sciences
W. Bokhari, Bioident, US
4:20 One-step Pathogen Specific DNA Extraction from Whole Blood On a Centrifugal Microfluidic Device
Y-K Cho, J-G Lee, J-M Park, B-S Lee, Y. Lee and C. Ko, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, KR
4:40 Noise-Differential Based Detection of Cells on a Microelectronic Sensor/Actuator Array
N. Manaresi, F. Lanzetta, A. Romani, G. Medoro and R. Guerrieri, Silicon Biosystems spa, IT
5:00 Lab-on-chip for the isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells
W. Laureyn, C. Liu, C.K. O’Sullivan, E. Llaudet, O. Nilsson, K.S. Drese, T. Roeser, M. Ritzi, S. Hauch, W. Albert, E. Borgen and A.O.H. Nygren, IMEC, BE
5:20 Diode Laser Generated Ultrasound for Human Blood Cell Lysis
T. Ussing and L.C. von Gersdorff, FluimediX, DK
5:20 Comparison of the Efficiency of Different Methods for the Lysis of Cells in Lab-on-Chip Systems
K. Drese, F. von Germar, T. Roesser, T. Hansen-Hagge, J. Bullema and P. Bolt, TNO Science and Industry, NL
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4:00 Environment, Health and Society: Occupational Heath & SafetyRoom 204
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, Smalltimes, US
4:00 Regulatory and Risk Overview FDA Perspective
L. Katz, FDA, US
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4:00 Environment, Health and Society: Occupational Heath & Safety PanelRoom 204
 Session chair: Patti Glaza, Smalltimes, US
- L.M. Gibbs, Stanford University, US
- L. Katz, FDA, US
- T. Maher, Altair Nanotechnologies, US
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4:00 Softnano: Bio-inspiration for soft nanostructured materialsGrand Ballroom A
 Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI, US
4:00 Proteins in Nanostructured Materials (invited overview presentation)
M. Case, University of Vermont, US (bio)
4:30 Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation and Injectable Delivery via Peptide Folding and Consequent Self-Assembly
D.J. Pochan, University of Delaware, US (bio)
5:00 Bio-Inspired Membranes from Polymers and Biological Motifs
C. Dittrich, D. de Bruyn, T. Schuster and W. Meier, University of Basel, CH (bio)
5:30 Formation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles from Block Copolymers and Study of AqpZ and KvAP Protein Incorporation with Light Microscopy
J.T. Patti, E.K. Brooks and C.D. Montemagno, University of California, Los Angeles, US
5:50 Bio-inspired Polymers for Nanoscience Research
B-C Lee and R.N. Zuckermann, The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
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4:00 BioNano: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & TreatmentGreat America 3
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
4:00 Development of Nanoconjugate with Different Monoclonal Antibodies to Inhibit Molecular Targets Important for Tumor Angiogenesis
M. Fujita, N.M. Khazenzon, B.S. Lee, E. Holler, K.L. Black and J.Y. Ljubimova, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, US
4:20 Multivalent magnetic nanoparticles for T cell-specific tracking via magnetic resonance and fluorescence imaging for cancer treatment reporting
J. Gunn, O. Veiseh, C. Sun, C. Fang, H. Wallen, J. Cao, C. Yee and M. Zhang, University of Washington, US
4:40 Characterization and in vivo efficacy of targeted nanoparticles for systemic siRNA delivery to tumors
D.W. Bartlett and M.E. Davis, California Institute of Technology, US
5:00 Development of a specific micro/nanodevice validating the concept of molecular biopsy
F. Berger, A. Bouamrani, M. Cosnier, F. Martin, P. Caillat and A.L. Benabid, Inserm, FR
5:20 Sirna Nanomedicines for Cancer Gene Therapy
S.H. Kim and T.G. Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR

Tuesday May 22

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7:00 TUESDAY - RegistrationMain Lobby
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8:30 Keynotes: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & TreatmentTheater
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
8:30 The Promise of Nanotechnology in Cancer
A. Barker, National Cancer Institute, US (bio)
9:15 Advancing Drug Discovery and Development with Molecular Imaging
N. Van Bruggen, Genentech, US (bio)
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10:30 BioNano: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & TreatmentTheater
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
10:30 Development of Nanotools for Cancer Detection and Imaging
R.Y. Tsien, University of California San Diego, US (bio)
11:00 Early Cancer Detection with Nanodevices
J. Heath, California Institute of Technology, US (bio)
11:30 Molecular Imaging in Cancer
S.S. Gambhir, Stanford University, US (bio)
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1:30 BioNano: Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging & TreatmentTheater
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
1:30 Tumor Angiogenesis Imaging and Therapy
D. Cheresh, University of California San Diego, US (bio)
2:00 Silicon-based ''Mother Ships'' for nano-diagnostics and nano-therapeutics
M. Sailor, University of California San Diego, US (bio)
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4:00 Poster Session 1 (4:00 - 6:00) & Expo ReceptionExhibit Hall

Wednesday May 23

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11:00 BioSensors: Nucleic Acid Application & DetectionGrand Ballroom E
 Session chair: Chris Menzel, Spectra, US
11:00 DNA Detection Using Metal-Fluorescence Interactions on Two-Dimensionally Assembled Gold Nanoparticles
M. Nakahara, S. Taniguchi and T. Inoue, Hitachi, Ltd., JP
11:20 Rapid Isothermal Amplification and Multiplexed Surface Detection of Short DNA Sequences
E. Tan, Y. Han, E. Kniazeva, M. Buechel, B. Erwin and A. Niemz, Keck Graduate Institute, US
11:40 Peptide Nucleic Acids Modified Nano-Biosensor for Early Cancer Diagnosis
S. Rastogi, N. Mishra, P. Winterrowd, R. Nelson and W. Maki, University of Idaho, US
12:00 Nanoplex(TM) Biotags: Near-IR Excited, Highly Multiplexed Nanoparticulate Optical Detection Tags for Diagnostic Assays
S. Penn, R. Cromer, M. Sha, B. Doering, B. Brown, S. Norton and I. Walton, Oxonica Inc, US
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10:30 BioNano: Drug DeliveryGrand Ballroom D
 Session chair: Mansoor Amiji, Northeastern University, US
10:30 Targeted Nanoparticle-Polypeptide Conjugates for Breast Cancer Treatment
F. Alexis, P. Basto, A. Radovic-Moreno, R. Langer and O.C. Farokhzad, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, US
10:50 Polymer Nanospheres for Improved Drug Delivery of Protein Therapeutics and Viral Antigens
T.P. Castor, Aphios Corporation, US
11:10 Targeted Aptamer-Nanoparticles to Diminish Drug Resistance of Cancer Cells in vitro Study
P. Basto, F. Alexis, E. Levy-Nissenbaum, R. Langer and O. Farokzhad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:30 Drug Eluting Nanostructured Coatings
K.C. Popat, M. Eltgroth and T.A. Desai, University of California, San Francisco, US
11:50 Specific targeting and delivery of virus envelope-coated nanoparticle cargoes into receptor-bearing cells and subcellular compartments.
A.C. Moore, A.A. Kolokoltsov and R.A. Davey, University of Texas Medical Branch, US
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1:00 Toxicology Studies in Nanotechnology - 1Grand Ballroom H
 Session chair: Srinvas Iyer, LANL, US
1:00 Cytotoxicity of Dental Nanocomposite Particles
E.L. Kostoryz, C.J. Utter, Y. Wang, V. Dusevich and P. Spencer, University of Missouri-Kansas City, US
1:20 An OMICs Approach for Assessing the Safety of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Human Skin and Lung Cells
M.J. Cunningham, M. Shah, C. Lema, S. Magnuson, M. Falduto, L. Balzano and D. Resasco, Houston Advanced Research Center, US
1:40 Toxicogenomics study of nanomaterials on the model organism zebrafish
I. Rojo, M. Uriarte, I. Obieta, I. Bustero, A. Egizabal, M.A. Pardo and O. Martínez de Ilárduya, Azti-Tecnalia, ES
2:00 Stable Isotope Tracing - a way forward for Nanotechnology?
B. Gulson, H. Wong, M. McCall, S. Danon, G. Greenoak, J. Trotter, P. Casey and J. Stauber, Commonwealth Scientifc and Industrial Research Organisation, AU
2:20 An integrated NMR/nanosensor system for sensitive detection of environmental toxins and harmful microbes
J.M. Perez, D.P. Fries and J.J. Hickman, University of Central Florida, US
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2:00 Nanotech Poster Session 2 - Expo Reception (2:00 - 4:00)Exhibit Hall
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4:00 Toxicology Studies in Nanotechnology - 2Grand Ballroom H
 Session chair: Chinh Pham, Greenberg Traurig, US
4:00 Biodistribution and Toxicity of Nanomaterials In Vivo: Effects of Composition, Size, Surface Functionalization and Route of Exposure
S.L. Harper, B. Maddux, J. Hutchison and R.L. Tanguay, Oregon State University, US
4:20 Differential Cytotoxicity of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
J. Chen, J. Zhu, H.-H. Cho, K. Cui, F. Li, X. Zhou, J.T. Rogers, S.T.C. Wong and X. Huang, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, US
4:40 Cell-based Assays for Cytotoxic and Pro-inflammatory Effects of Gold Nanoparticles.
T. Knight, S.S. Wise, M.D. Mason, J.P. Wise_Sr. and A-K. Ng, University of Southern Maine, US
5:00 Fate, Transport, and Toxicity of Nanomaterials in Drinking Water
Y. Zhang, B.A. Koeneman, Y. Chen, P. Westerhoff, D.G. Capco and J. Crittenden, Arizona State University, US
5:20 Interaction of carbon nanotube material with rat skin by 21 T MRI
R. Sharma, K. Shetty, R. Liang and C.J. Chen, Florida State University, US

Thursday May 24

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8:30 BioNano: Biomarkers & NanoparticlesGrand Ballroom D
 Session chair: Sarah Lynn Tao, University of California, San Francisco, US
8:30 Dynamic self-assembly of circular nanocomposite structures via molecular motor-driven active transport
H. Liu, E.D. Spoerke, S.J. Koch, B.C. Bunker and G.D. Bachand, Sandia National Laboratories, US
8:50 In Situ Investigation of Uptake Phenomena of Biological Molecules and Silica Nanoparticles into Mammalian Cells in Microstructures
W.G. Lee, H. Bang, H. Yun, J.A. Kim, K. Cho, Y.S. Shin, C. Chung, N.C. Chung, J.K. Chang and D.-C. Han, Seoul National University, KR
9:10 Fluorescent Structural DNA Nanoparticles Functionalized With Phosphate-Linked Nucleotide Triphosphates
J.G. Williams, B.L. Reynolds, K. Keefe and J.P. Anderson, LI-COR Biosciences, US
9:30 Preparation of Composite Organic-Inorganic Nanoparticles (COIN) with Distinctive Raman Signatures
J. Zhang, Y. Lu, M. Cao, H. Qin, M. Yamakawa, C. Dentinger, L. Nguyen, A.J. Chmura, J. Zhu, B. Lutz, K. Swartz, L. Wang, X. Su and L. Sun, Intel Corporation, US
9:50 In vivo imaging by luminescent carbon nanotubes
D. Shi, Y. Guo, Z. Dong, J. Lian, W. Wang, G. Liu and R. Ewing, University of Cincinnati, US
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10:30 BioNano: Nano Medicine, Diagnostics, Imaging & TherapiesGrand Ballroom D
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, LANL, US
10:30 Nanomedicine: Engineering of a Tri-Imageable Nanoparticle
A. Bumb, M.W. Brechbiel, P. Choyke, L. Fugger and P.J. Dobson, National Cancer Instiute and University of Oxford, UK
10:50 Optimizing Quantum Dot-Conjugated Immunoliposomes for Cancer Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutics
K.C. Weng, C.O. Noble, B. Papahadjopoulos-Sternberg, F.F. Chen and J.W. Park, UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, US
11:10 A novel approach to antiviral therapies - applications to influenza (including pandemic), rabies, dengue, and other viruses
A.R. Diwan, J. Tatake, A.L. Onton, R.W. Barton and E. Seymour, NanoViricides, Inc., US
11:30 Using Electron Tunneling for Direct Sequencing of DNA
J. Lund, J. Dong, R. Mehta, M. Rahimi, D. Ryan and B.A. Parviz, University of Washington, US
11:50 Selective Destruction of Nanocomposite Labeled Cells
L.P. Balogh, C. Tse, W. Lesniak, J. Ye, M. Zohdy, M. O'Donnell and M.K. Khan, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, US
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1:30 BioNano: Nanotech to NeurologyGrand Ballroom D
 Session chair: Gabriel Silva, University of California, San Diego, US
1:30 Nano Neuro Knitting: using nanotechnology to repair the brain
R.G. Ellis-Behnke, Y-X Liang, S-W You, D.K.C. Tay, S. Zhang, K-F So and G.E. Schneider, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:50 Automated 3D cortex image data acquisition
B.H. Lich and G. Knott, FEI Electron Optics, NL
2:10 Developing Super-Paramagnetic Nanoparticles for Central Nervous System Axon Regeneration
M.N. De Silva, M.V. Almeida and J.L. Goldberg, University of Miami, US
2:30 Nanowire Array Technologies for Investigation of Neural Activity
S. Saha, J. Silverberg, D. O'Malley and L. Menon, Northeastern University, US
2:50 Bioactive Aligned Nanofibers for Nerve Regeneration
S. Patel and S. Li, University of California, Berkeley, US

Special Symposium

Nanotechnology has the potential to have a revolutionary impact on modern medicine, not only through the development of novel diagnosis and imaging methods, but also through targeted therapies. It is universally accepted that early detection of disease is essential even before anatomic anomalies are visible. A major challenge in diagnostics in the 21st century is to be able to determine the exact relationship between biomarkers and the clinical pathology, as well as, to be able to non-invasively detect diseases at an early stage for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Imaging, a critically important tool in life sciences is benefiting from the advances in the development of nano scale particles and systems that improve and extend the capabilities of imaging techniques. These include novel contrast agents, quantum dot markers, engineered ligands, and smart particles that enable imaging down to the cellular, and molecular scales with higher selectivity and signals that previously possible.

In future nano medical therapy, targeting and localized delivery are the key challenges. To wage an effective war against disease, we have to have the ability to selectively target the diseased cells, while saving the normal tissue from excessive burdens of drug toxicity. However, because many drugs are systemic in the delivery, the distribution of drugs in healthy organs or tissues is especially undesirable due to the potential for side effects. Consequently, systemic application of these drugs often causes severe side effects in other tissues (e.g. cardiomyopathy, neurotoxicity), which greatly limits the maximal allowable dose of the drug.

This symposium will address the potential ways in which nanotechnology can address these challenges. Distinguished speakers will summarize the current state of the art and future barriers. Contributions are also solicited in the following topics.

Topics & Application Areas

Online abstract submissions are now being accepted. Proposed topics include, but are not be limited to:

  • Medical Imaging, Agents, Markers, Particles
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Cell Signaling
  • Cell Surface Interactions
  • Cellular & Nanostructure Material Interactions
  • Molecular machines, receptors, pores & channels
  • Novel Drug Delivery
  • Novel Therapies
  • Other

Journal Submissions

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Nanomedicine)

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Nanomedicine)

Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (Nanomedicine) is a newly established, international, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. Nanomedicine publishes basic, clinical, and engineering research in the innovative field of nanomedicine. Article categories include basic nanomedicine, diagnostic nanomedicine, experimental nanomedicine, clinical nanomedicine, and engineering nanomedicine, pharmacological nanomedicine.

For consideration into the Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine journal please select the “Submit to Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine” button during the on-line submission procedure. You may only select a single journal during the submission process.

Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Selected Nanotech Proceedings papers will be reviewed and invited into a Special Issue of Journal of Nanoparticle Research. The journal disseminates knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological phenomena and processes in nanoscale structures.

For consideration into this Special Issue of Journal of Nanoparticle Research, please select the “Submit to Journal of Nanoparticle Research” button during the on-line submission procedure. You may only select a single journal during the submission process.

Symposium Coordinator

Matthew Laudon
Nano Science and Technology Institute

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