2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Compact modeling of drain current in Independently Driven Double-Gate MOSFETs

D. Munteanu, J.L. Autran, X. Loussier and O. Tintori

independently driven double-gate MOSFET, compact modeling, quantum effects

As CMOS scaling is approaching its limits, Double-Gate (DG) MOSFET is envisaged as a possible alternative to the conventional bulk MOSFET. In spite of excellent electrical performances due to its multiple conduction surfaces, conventional DG MOSFET allows only three-terminal operation because since the two gates are tied together. Double-Gate structures with independent gates have been recently proposed, allowing a four terminal operation. Independent Double-Gate (DGI) devices offer additional potentialities, such as a dynamic threshold voltage control by one of the two gates and transconductance modulation in addition to the conventional switching operation. In this work, we propose a new compact model for the drain current in DGI MOSFETs, which combines short-channel with quantum effects and which is continuous over all operation regimes. A full 2-D quantum numerical simulation code is used for the model validation. The model can be directly implemented in a TCAD circuit simulator for the simulation of DGI MOSFET based-circuits.

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