2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

A Microfluidic Array with Micro Cell Sieves for Cell Cytotoxicity Screening

Z.H. Wang, M.C. Kim, M. Marquez and T. Thorsen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

microfluidic array, cell cytotoxicity screening

There is currently great interest in cell arrays for cell-based studies to improve experimental throughput. Microfluidics is an inherently scalable technology, offering an exciting new alternative to fabricate cell arrays for cell studies in a parallel fashion. In this report, we developed a microfluidic array platform with lithography molding technology for high-throughput cell cytotoxicity screening. The channels in this platform were individually addressable in both directions (column and row), enabling parallel loading of various cell lines in one direction and introducing of different toxins in the other direction. The channels for cells seeding were orthogonal to channels for toxins exposure, and each region at channel intersection was a circular chamber which was compartmentalized by array valves. Several micro cell sieves were built in each culture chamber to form several low flow velocity regions, and cells can be trapped and immobilized within cell sieves. Cell number and distribution in chambers can be conveniently controlled by the adjustment of cell sieve number, distribution and size.

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