2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Active and Adaptive Nanocomposites: Opportunities for Smart Materials

R. Vaia
Air Force Research Laboratory, US

adaptive, active, smart materials

Ever since the Wright Brothers defied the skeptics of powered flight nearly a hundred years ago, scientists and engineers have been searching for innovative ways to build better aerospace systems. Continual innovation at the forefront of soft-matter and nano-materials, in areas such as macromolecules, hybrids, colloids, composites and biomolecules, is providing exciting opportunities to create materials systems that exhibit a controlled, reproducible and reversible modulation of physical properties in response to an external stimulus. Applications under current development range from drug delivery, separation and tissue engineering, to anti-vibration struts for space structures; adaptive optical surfaces and elements; coating-free self-passivating films; controlled release additives for fuels; shape memory tooling; and dynamic modulus skins for morphing aerospace structures. Ultimately, new generations of responsive materials and composites will enable smart systems and additives that integrate the functions of sensing, actuation, logic and control to respond to changes in their condition or the environment to which they are exposed, in a predictive and repetitive manner. This talk will highlight opportunities in aerospace for Adaptive Material Systems as well as providing examples of the potential of nano-structured materials to meet the necessary challenges.

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