2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

High Conentration of Interface Traps in MOS Transistor Modeling

Z. Chen, B.B. Jie and C-T Sah
Xiamen University, CN

MOST, MOSC, interface traps, SiO2, Si

Modifications of the MOS capacitor and transistor characteristics by the presence of a high concentration of interface traps are described. Change or distortion of the gate/base voltage dependent characteristics are presented, such as the gate capacitance at high- and low-frequencies (with respect to the trapping frequencies), base recombiantion conductance and current (R-DCIV), drain and source currents. Parameters cover the basewell (body) impurity concentration of 1E16 to 1E19 cm-3 and interface trap concentration of 1E08 to 1E14 cm-2, corresponding to unstressed logic-RF and end-of-life memory transistors. A statistical-physics-based mathematical model equation is employed to cover all types of one-trapped-electron (or hole) interface traps including the short-range neutral and the long-range Coulombic trapping potential wells, respectively from spatially distributed random bond angles and lengths, and from isolated impurity ions.

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