2007 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - Nanotech 2007 - 10th Annual

Functional Nanoplumbing for DNA analysis

R. Riehn, R. Staunton, S.F. Lim, W.W. Reisner and R.H. Austin
North Carolina State University, US

DNA, nanofluidics, DNA stretching

Stretching of DNA inside nanofluidic channels with a diameter of about 100 nm is a promising new technique for the analysis of genomic DNA. However, in order to go beyond applications based on simple sizing, multiple nanofluidic components have to be integrated – we call that “nanoplumbing”. Nanoplumbing for polymer transport has to be fundamentally different from conventional plumbing, because the increasing flow impedance with shrinking channel cross-sections prevents simple liquid flows. The challenge is to develop switches, valves, and motors that will perform the usual functions, but are based on polymer transport. We will present our recent work in which we investigated the transport of DNA through nanochannel junctions, and the transport in non-straight or non-uniform channels. We will show that even simple geometries can be very useful. We have also studied the influence of a.c. electric fields on nanoconfined DNA. Based on these findings we formulated a strategy of steering DNA through nanofluidic networks by carefully tailoring channel geometries and applying a combination a.c. and d.c. electric fields.

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