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Nanotech 2006 Program - Thursday May 11

Sessions Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Authors Keywords
8:30 Keynotes - NanoFab: Nano ElectronicsRoom 112
 Session chair: Leo Ocola, Argonne National Laboratory, US
8:30 Nanomanufacturing Challenges (invited)
D. Eaglesham, Applied Materials, US (speaker biography)
9:15 Nanotechnology from the bottom up: Light-directed Synthesis of DNA molecules (invited)
F. Cerrina, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US (speaker biography)
8:30 WCM - 10: High-voltage/passive-element modelsRoom 105
 Session chair: Michael Schroter, University of Technology Dresden, Germany
8:30 High-Voltage LDMOS Compact Modeling (invited)
M.B. Willemsen, R. van Langevelde and D.B.M. Klaassen, Philips Research, NL
9:00 Analog Compact Modeling for a 20-120V HV CMOS Technology (invited)
E. Seebacher, W. Posch, K. Molnar and Z. Huszka, austriamicrosystems AG, AT
9:30 Compact Modeling of Spiral Inductors for RF Applications (invited)
J. Chen and J.J. Liou, University of Central Florida, US
8:30 Medical Imaging through NanotechnologyRoom 106
 Session chair: Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
8:30 Preparation of Aggregation Stable Block Copolymer Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Drug Delivery and Imaging
M.E. Gindy, R.K. Prudíhomme, Princeton University, US
8:50 Visualization of quantum dot-electron donor conjugate uptake and processing by living cells
S.J. Clarke, C.A. Hollmann and J.L. Nadeau, McGill University, CA
9:10 Synthesis and differential uptake of drug-decorated fluorescent nanoparticles by live cancer cells
R.V. Rozhkov, G.M. Knudsen, J. Sturgis, A.E. Ribbe, J.P. Robinson and V.J. Davisson, Purdue University, US
9:30 Mounting proteins on metal nanoparticles: Statistical analysis of AFM images
L. Gurevich, P. Fojan, R.K. Saxena and S.B. Petersen, Aalborg University, DK
9:50 Labeling of Cells with Silver and Gold Host-Guest Nanocomposites
L.P. Balogh, W. Lesniak, V.A. Sinani, A.U. Bielinska, K. Sun, B.M. Nair, E. Waite, M.S.T. Kariapper and M.K. Khan, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, US
10:00 Coffee BreakRoom 106
10:30 NanoFab: Metrology and CharacterizationRoom 112
 Session chair: Warren Lai, Lucent, US
10:30 Local diffuse light scattering and surface inspection
M. Caumont and W.S. Bacsa, University Paul Sabatier, FR
10:50 Comparison of Roughness Measurements Between a Contact Stylus Instrument and an Optical Measurement Device Based on a Color Focus Sensor
R. Danzl, F. Helmli and S. Scherer, Alicona Imaging GmbH, AT
11:10 Tip-enhanced optical spectroscopy of single-walled carbon nanotubes
N. Anderson, A. Hartschuh and L. Novotny, University of Rochester, US
11:30 Field Enhancement and Work Function Difference of IrO2 Nano-Emitter Arrays using EFM and SKPM Spectroscopy
D.C.-S. Chiang, P.Z.-F. Lei, R. Barrowcliff and F. Zhang, Washington State University and Sharp Corporation, US
10:30 Bio Sensors and DiagnosticsRoom 106
 Session chair: Bart Romanowicz, NSTI, US
10:30 Using Surface Plasmon Propagation through Nanostructures for Chemical and Biological Sensing
A. Benahmed and C-M Ho, UCLA, US
10:50 Detection of Small Molecule-Protein Binding with Amorphous Silicon Nanostructures
J. Lund, R. Mehta and B. Parviz, University of Washington, US
11:10 The Method of Total Internal Reflection Ellipsometry in Biosesing:
A. Nabok, A. Tsargorodskaya, N.F. Starodub and A. Holloway, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
11:30 Layer by Layer Fabrication of an Amperometric Nanocomposite Biosensor for Sulfite
S.B. Adeloju and A. Ohanessian, Water and Sensor Research Group, AU
11:50 Nanoparticle Labels/ Electrochemical Immunosensor for Detection of Biomarkers
G. Liu, J. Wang and Y. Lin, Pacific Northwest National Lab, US
10:30 Bio Materials and Tissues - 2Room 104
 Session chair: Michael Helmus, Advance Nanotech, US
10:30 Nanoscale Analysis of Bone Mineral Crystals
H. Chen, C. Robinson, R.C. Shore, S.J. Brookes, J. Zhang, D.A. Smith, B.H. Clarkson and J. Kirkham, University of Michigan, US
10:50 Nano-Hydroxyapatite Coated Acetabular Cup Implant by Electrophoretic Deposition
H. Zhang, J. Krajewski, Z. Zhang, T.D. Xiao and D. Reisner, Inframat Corporation, US
11:10 Enzymatically Degradable Hydrogel Nanocomposite for Bone Regeneration
E. Jabbari, X. He and A.S. Sarvestani, University of South Carolina, US
11:30 Fabrication and Characterization of Polypyrrole Nanofibers and Its Application as a Tissue Engineering Scaffold
R. Ng and S.-T. Yang, The Ohio State University, US
11:50 Endothelialization of lumen of tubular scaffolds fabricated by electrospinning
W. He, Z.W. Ma, W.E. Teo, Y.X. Dong, T. Yong, P.A. Robless and S. Ramakrishna, National University of Singapore, SG
10:30 WCM 11 - Bipolar/HBT and MOSFET modelsRoom 105
 Session chair: Dirk Klaassen, Philips Research Laboratories, the Netherlands
10:30 Development and Design Kit Integration of a Scalable and Statistical High Current Model for Advanced SiGe HBTs (invited)
R.M. Malladi, K.M. Newton and M.S. Schroter, IBM Systems and Technology, US
11:00 Charge-storage calculation for Si-based bipolar transistors from device simulation (invited)
M. Schrˆter and H. Tran, UCSD, US
11:30 Compact Modeling of Short Channel Double-Gate MOSFETs (invited)
H. Lu, X. Liang, W. Wang and Y. Taur, Univ. California, San Diego, US
12:00 Recent Advances in the EKV3.0 MOSFET Model (invited)
M. Bucher, A. Bazigos, E. Kitonaki, F. Krummenacher, Technical University of Crete, GR
12:00 Lunch (on own)
1:30 Bio Materials and Tissues - 3Room 104
 Session chair: Matthew Laudon, NSTI, US
1:30 On Chip Induced Phagocytosis for Improved Neuronal Cell Adhesion
B. Van Meerbergen, T. Raemaekers, K. Winters, D. Braeken, C. Bartic, Y. Engelborghs, W. Annaert and G. Borghs, IMEC, BE
1:50 Cluster assembled nanostructured TiO2 film mediates efficient and safe retroviral gene transduction in primary adult human melanocytes for ex-vivo gene therapy
R. Carbone, I. Marangi, A. Zanardi, L. Lanfrancone, S. Minucci, P.G. Pelicci, L. Giorgetti, E. Clerici, G. Bongiorno, P. Piseri and P. Milani, European Institute of Oncology, IT
2:10 Qualitative Evaluation of the Response of Human Osteoblast Cells to Nanotopography Surfaces Based on Carbon Nanotubes
I. Firkowska, S. Giannona, J. Rojas-Chapana and M. Giersig, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research, DE
2:30 Increased Osteoblast Adhesion on Nano-rough Anodized Titanium and CoCrMo
C. Yao, E.B. Slamovicha and T.J. Webster, Purdue University, US
2:50 Comparison of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adhesion and Spreading on Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), Carbon Nitride, and Nanocrystalline Diamond
W.C. Clem, S. Chowdhury, V. Thomas, V.V. Konovalov, S.A. Catledge, M.T. Laugier, S.L. Bellis and Y.K. Vohra, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US
1:30 NanoFab: Interfacing Top Down with Bottom-upRoom 112
 Session chair: Warren Lai, Lucent, US
1:30 Microsphere templating as means of enhancing the sensitivity of thin film metal-oxide gas sensors
A. Rothschild, I-D Kim, T. Hyodo and H.L. Tuller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
1:50 NanoFab: Design and ArchitectureRoom 112
 Session chair: Warren Lai, Lucent, US
1:50 Self-Healing Wire-Streaming Processors on 2-D Semiconductor Nanowire Fabrics
T. Wang, M. Bennaser, Y. Guo and C.A. Moritz, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
2:10 Approximate Pattern Matching in Nanotechnology
V. Annampedu and M.D. Wagh, Agere Systems Inc., US
2:30 A Nano-Scale Module with Full Spin-Wave Interconnectivity for Integrated Circuits
M.M. Eshaghian-Wilner, A. Khitun, S. Navab and K.L. Wang, UCLA, US

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Sessions Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Authors Keywords
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