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Nanotech 2006 - Nanotechnology Conference

Speakers Include

Hans FraaijeComputer Modeling and Simulation of Soft Nanostructured Materials
Hans Fraaije
Culgi Group,
Leiden University, The Netherlands
Greg HaugstadGreg Haugstad
Director, Characterization Facility,
Institute of Technology, University of Minesota,
MiNTeC node of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, USA
Morinobu EndoCarbon Nanotubes
Morinobu Endo
Professor, Faculty of Engineering
Shinshu University, Japan
Reid LeonardReid Leonard
Director, External Research and Licensing
Merck Research Laboratories, US
T. James RuddT. James Rudd
Program Manager for SBIR
National Science Foundation, US
Roger T. HoweNano Electromechanical Devices: Opportunities and Challenges
Roger T. Howe
Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Integrated Circuits Laboratory,
Stanford University, USA
Zoran RadivojevicNanotechnology and some of the Application Concepts in Portable Electronics
Zoran Radivojevic
Principal Scientist
Nokia Research Center, Finland
Judah FolkmanChallenges in Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Judah Folkman
Andrus Professor of Pediatric Surgery and Professor of Cell Biology
Children’s Hospital Boston, USA
Frank CloutierFrank Cloutier
Chief Technology Officer
Imaging and Printing Group
Hewlett-Packard Company, USA
Klaus WormuthDrug Eluting Coatings for Medical Devices: Multi-Method Characterization
Klaus Wormuth
Characterization Sciences
SurModics Inc.
Eden Prairie, MN, USA
James BasilionMolecular Imaging in Cancer
James Basilion
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Bruce M. PrattFilling a Pipeline; One Company’s Perspective
Bruce M. Pratt
Vice President
Science Development
Genzyme Corporation, USA
Jake M. RederJake M. Reder
New Business Development Project Leader
Cabot Corporation, US
Thomas J. WebsterBiomaterials and Nanotechnology for Tissue Engineering
Thomas J. Webster
Associate Professor, Division of Engineering
Brown University, USA
Meyya MeyyappanCarbon Nano Tubes: Fundamentals and Applications
Meyya Meyyappan
Director of the Center for Nanotechnology
Senior Scientist
NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Peter SchurtenbergerColloids — From Model Atoms to Nanostructured Functional Materials
Peter Schurtenberger
Department of Physics
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Yvon DurantPolymer Nanotechnology: Synthesis and Novel Applications
Yvon Durant
Research Associate Professor of Materials Science
University of New Hampshire, USA
Daniel A. SavinStimuli-Responsive Vesicles, Micelles and Rods from Polypeptide-Based Amphiphilic Block Copolymers
Daniel A. Savin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Vermont, USA
Mansoor AmijiNanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment
Mansoor Amiji
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the School of Pharmacy, Bouve College of Health Sciences and Associate Director of the Nanomedicine Consortium, Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA
Gregory J. DowningGregory J. Downing
National Cancer Institute (NCI), US
 Naoki Chiba
General Manager
SANYO Technology Center USA
SANYO North America Corporation
Bennett B. GoldbergAn Overview of Advancements in Nano Photonics
Bennett B. Goldberg
Professor, Physics, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Center for Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology
Boston University, US
John P. RiganatiNanotechnology Applications and Challenges at Saranoff
John P. Riganati
Vice President, Strategy
Sarnoff Corporation, US
Douglas B. ChriseyNanotechnology Enabled Research at the North Dakota’s Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering: Novel Approaches to Sensing
Douglas B. Chrisey
Deputy Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE)
North Dakota State University, USA
Ashwin A. SeshiaMicro/Nanofabricated Biochemical Sensors
Ashwin A. Seshia
University of Cambridge, UK
Mark ReedNano and Molecular Electronics
Mark Reed
Harold Hodgkinson Chair of Engineering and Applied Science
Yale University, USA
Sunil K. SinhaCharacterization of Nanostructured Materials
Sunil K. Sinha
Department of Physics, University of San Diego, USA
Rakesh K. JainDelivery of Nano-Medicine to Solid Tumors: Role of tumor physiology
Rakesh K. Jain
Andrew Werk Cook Professor of Tumor Biology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Martin A.M. GijsA Lab-on-a-Chip using Magnetic Droplets
Martin A.M. Gijs
Professor in the Institute of Micro-electronics and Microsystems
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL)
Jonathan TuckerPulse Testing for Better Measurements of Nanodevices
Jonathan Tucker
Lead Industry Consultant and Marketer for Nanotechnology
Keithley Instruments, US
Thomas F. KellyThree-Dimensional Atom Mapping for Nanotechnology Applications with Atom Probe Tomography
Thomas F. Kelly
Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation, US
Anantha P. ChandrakasanMicropower Wireless Sensors
Anantha P. Chandrakasan
Associate Director
Microsystems Technology Laboratories
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Nils PetersenIntegrating Soft and Hard Materials in Nanoscale Based Devices
Nils Petersen
Director General of the National Institute for Nanotechnology, Canada
Magnus R. E. GittinsMagnus R. E. Gittins
President and CEO
Advance Nanotech, Inc., USA
Richard M. RussellNational Nanotechnology Policy
Richard M. Russell
Associate Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Executive Office of the President, US
Christophe DugasWavenis, State-of-the-Art Solutions for WSN
Christophe Dugas
Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications
\nCoronis Systems, France
Skandar BasrourMicro Power Generation — MEMS and NEMS Systems
Skandar Basrour
Professor. Micro and Nano Systems Group Leader
\nTIMA Laboratory, France
Davies William de Lima MonteiroImprovement of dynamic features of an adaptive optical system
Davies William de Lima Monteiro
Associate professor
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Robert SulouffRobert Sulouff
Director of Business Development
Micromachined Products Division
Analog Devices, Inc., US
Thomas WiegeleThomas Wiegele
Vice President of Research and Development
Goodrich Sensor Systems, USA
Massimo NoroSoft Nanotechnology in Europe: The SoftComp Network of Excellence
Massimo Noro
Physical and Chemical Insight Group
Unilever R&D
Port Sunlight, UK
Stéphane RobertNanotechnology at Raymor
Stéphane Robert
President and CEO
Raymor Industries
Bruce E. White Jr.Nanotech at Freescale Semiconductors
Bruce E. White Jr.
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff
Manager of Advanced CMOS
Freescale Semiconductor, US
Andrei M. ShkelEvolution of Chip-Scale Gyroscopes: From Solid-State to Atomic
Andrei M. Shkel
Director of UCI Microsystems Lab.,
University of California, Irvine, USA
Srinivas IyerNanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment
Srinivas Iyer
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA
Jamie HobbsReal-time Structural Analysis for Soft Nanotechnology
Jamie Hobbs
Departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy
University of Sheffield, UK
Wolfgang S. BacsaCarbon Nano Tubes: Fundamentals and Applications
Wolfgang S. Bacsa
Professor at the Solid State Physics Laboratory
Université Paul Sabatier, France
Sotiris E. PratisinisNanoparticulate Dry Synthesis & Applications
Sotiris E. Pratisinis
Professor and Head of the Institute of Process Engineering
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland
Krassimir P. VelikovColloidal Delivery Systems for Functional Food Design
Krassimir P. Velikov
Food Structural Design, Unilever Food and Health Research Institute
Unilever R&D, NL
Ashley J. StevensA Matchmaker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Ashley J. Stevens
Director, Office of Technology Transfer
Lecturer, School of Management
Boston University, US
George MaracasNanotechnology Programs and Business at Motorola
George Maracas
Director, Nanotechnology
Motorola, USA
Donald C. SundbergPolymer Nanotechnology: Synthesis and Novel Applications
Donald C. Sundberg
Director of the Nanostructured Polymers Research Center
University of New Hampshire, USA
Robert K. Prud’hommeNanoparticle Formation by Flash NanoPrecipitation using Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly
Robert K. Prud’homme
Director, Program in Engineering Biology
Department of Chemical Engineering
Princeton University, US
Kristin A. BennettKristin A. Bennett
Program Manager for DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers (NSRCs)
Department of Energy, US
Shuguang ZhangBuilding from Bottom Up: Fabrication of materials using peptide motifs
Shuguang Zhang
Center for Biomedical Engineering and Center for Bits and Atoms
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Doug ResnickNano and Molecular Electronics
Doug Resnick
Molecular Imprints, Inc., USA
Patrick T. SpicerExtreme Wetting Effects during Crystallization in Nanostructured Fluids
Patrick T. Spicer
Complex Fluids Research, Procter & Gamble Co., USA
 Steve Marsh
Patent Attorney
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Tom O’DonnellTom O’Donnell
Business Development Manager
Technology Center Group
Cisco Systems, Inc., US
Manus HenryValidation for Micro- and Nano-Sensors
Manus Henry
Research Fellow
Engineering Science Department
Oxford University, UK
Dennis E. DischerNovel Nanostructures for Tumor-Targeted Delivery
Dennis E. Discher
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular, Mechanical, and Bio- Engineering
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Gerhard Goldbeck-WoodNanostructure and Property Modeling using Atomistic, Mesoscale and Finite Element Techniques
Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood
Director of Nanotechnology Consortium,
Accelrys, Inc.
Clayton TeagueThe Magic Expected of This “Pixie Dust”
Clayton Teague
Federal National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO), US
Gary K. FedderA Designer’s Guide to CMOS MEMS
Gary K. Fedder
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robotics,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Mostafa AnalouiNanobiotechnology in Drug Discovery and Development: Challenges and Opportunities
Mostafa Analoui
Senior Director and Site Head for Groton/New London, Global Clinical Technology
Pfizer Global Research and Development, USA
Robert M. Newman,Wireless Sensor Networks — System Design and Applications
Robert M. Newman,
Head of Creative Computing
Coventry University, UK
Wolfgang WindlAdvanced Nanoscale Simulation Tools
Wolfgang Windl
Associate Professor
Ohio State University, USA
S. Kamakshi SundaramBiomarker Discovery for Exposure of Macrophage Cells to Nanoparticles
S. Kamakshi Sundaram
Materials Scientist
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
Gregor DernickMicrofluidics and Miniaturized Arrayed Assays for the Evaluation of Biological Diversity
Gregor Dernick
Lab Head Microtechnologies
Microtechnologies and Automation, Discovery Enabling Sciences, Pharmaceuticals Division
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Switzerland
Michael PrattMichael Pratt
Director of Corporate Business Development
Office of Technology Transfer
Boston University, US
Thomas P. RussellA Route to Addressable Terabit/in2 Arrays Using Block Copolymers
Thomas P. Russell
Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering
Department of Polymer Science Engineering,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA
Kensall D. WiseWireless Integrated MicroSystems (WIMS): Coming Revolution in the Gathering of Information
Kensall D. Wise
J. Reid and Polly Anderson Professor of Manufacturing Technology
Director of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Wireless Integrated MicroSystems
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
Marcos GomezMarcos Gomez
BASF Venture Capital, Inc., US
David J. EagleshamNanomanufacturing Challenges
David J. Eaglesham
Managing Director for Advanced Technologies
Applied Materials, USA
Esther H. ChangNanodelivery: Materializing the Potential of Cancer Molecular Medicine
Esther H. Chang
Professor of Oncology and Otolaryngology
Georgetown University Medical Center, USA
Franco CerrinaNanotechnology from the bottom up: Light-directed Synthesis of DNA molecules
Franco Cerrina
McFarland-Bascom Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
Jens RiegerNanoparticles and Nanostructuring in Soft Condensed Matter - Small Angle Scattering and X-ray Microscopy
Jens Rieger
BASF Aktiengesellschaft,
Polymer Physics, 67056 Ludwigshafen, Germany
John M. GinderFord Motor Company Nanotechnology Programs
John M. Ginder
Manager of the Physical and Environmental Sciences Department
Research and Advanced Engineering
Ford Motor Company, US
Sangeeta BhatiaMultifunctional Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy
Sangeeta Bhatia
Associate Professor, Health Sciences and Technology/Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, USA
Wade AdamsNanotechnology and Energy, the Smalley Vision: Be a Scientist — Save the World
Wade Adams
Chairman of the Board of Texas Nanotechnology Initiative (TNI)
Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Rice University, US
Eric M. YeatmanSilicon MEMS for Photonic Bandgap Devices
Eric M. Yeatman
Deputy Head of Optical and Semiconductor Devices Research Group
Imperial College London, UK
Yiyong HeSelf-assembly of Block Copolymers in Environmental Ionic Liquids
Yiyong He
Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, USA
George JohnSelf-Assembled Soft Nanomaterials from Renewable Resources
George John
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
City College of the City University of New York, USA
Stuart J. RowanStimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Polymers: Investigating how molecular and nano-scale organization affects macroscopic properties
Stuart J. Rowan
Associate Professor
The W.M. Keck Laboratories for Organic Synthesis
Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Case Western Reserve University, USA
 Richard J. Colton
Head of the Surface Chemistry Branch
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, DC, US
Gregory KaduchakField-based particle manipulation for sample preparation and analysis
Gregory Kaduchak
Project Leader for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Technologies
Material Science and Technology Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory, US
Nick QuirkeInteraction of Fluids with Nanomaterials: Insights from molecular simulation
Nick Quirke
Chair in Physical Chemistry,
Imperial College London, UK
Joe A. ParadisoSome Novel Applications for Wireless Inertial Sensors
Joe A. Paradiso
Director of Responsive Environments Lab
Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Kieran DelaneyAugmented Materials – Micro and Nano Sensing
Kieran Delaney
Research Coordinator for the Department of Electronics Engineering
Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
Celia MerzbacherCelia Merzbacher
Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
Executive Office of the President, US
Thomas TheisMicroelectronics, Nanoelectronics, and the Future of Information Technology
Thomas Theis
Director, Physical Sciences
Jennifer A. LewisDirected Assembly of Colloidal Films, Granules, and 3D Periodic Structures
Jennifer A. Lewis
Hans Thurnauer Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Willett Faculty Scholar of Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Fiona CaseSoft Nanotechnology and Self-Assembly: Industrial Applications
Fiona Case
Case Scientific, USA
David A. WeitzCreating Soft Nanostructured Materials using Microfludics
David A. Weitz
Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group
Department of Physics
Harvard University, US
Mehran MehreganySilicon Carbide Micro/Nano Systems for Harsh Environment and Demanding Applications
Mehran Mehregany
Chairman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Goodrich Professor of Engineering Innovation
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Jack ElandsProtein Tomography™ for Studying Disease Mechanisms at a Molecular Level
Jack Elands
General Manager NanoBiology
FEI Company, The Netherlands

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